Sitting and thinking about when that time comes, I realize that I have not shared my wishes with my family and find it hard to know how to have those discussions right now after my surgery. So, I decided to jot down some ideas here. To warn you my ideas are not conventional and will be out of the box, true Karla style. Also, no jokes here, yes, these ideas are what I want.

Delegations from the Grave:

  • I would like to be cremated
  • Whatever organs that can be donated (if any) donated
  • Also, donate for research part of my body, but reserve some for ashes… and here is why
  • I would like my ashes made into jewelry, statues, and figurines for close family and friends (Diane will be in charge of that – you’re welcome, my estate will figure out costs)
  • Some of my ashes sprinkled in Lake of the Woods – some buried at my parent’s cottage with the daisies, the rest at my cottage under our lake monster statue
  • A memorial stone/wall plaque at Lake of the Woods cemetery
  • Memorial bench along the water Lake of the Woods in Kenora (Drew, this is your job)
  • Memorial bench in Etobicoke which Marla will pick out and organize
  • Paulo my neighbour can you organize a bench in Oakville for me
  • A bench in Prague – Igor and Zdenka to arrange
  • A bench in Bucharest – Ioana Houscu will be in charge of that!
  • (basically benches to sit in all my favourite places… I like sitting… and all funds from my estate – Al, that’s you babe!

My Last Hurrah (there will be many, to be held in these cities): Toronto, Lake of the Woods, Prague, Bucharest

This is the criteria that is to be followed:

  • Everyone that attends these parties must be dressed in formal Karla attire (glitter, bright colours or Stand up Speak up clothing)
  • Band playing with dancing the following songs must be played: Simple Minds – Don’t Forget About Me, Soft Cell – Tainted Love
  • Lori Johnson (Patton) singing her cancer tribute song
  • Bright, open, non traditional venue
  • Some good food (not finger sandwiches or typical funeral food), drinks, and delicious desserts

Kim and Diane you are in charge – but you might need to take time off work, 6 months will be good to oversee all this happens. (Otherwise, I will haunt you!) There is no time to grieve on this schedule, so buck up ladies!

  • In CZ everything has to be Oskar themed – lots of red
  • (local contact for CZ is Zdenek , plus Oskar events & PR staff, basically the brands & communications team. Oskar is my love affair that I could never get over. See you in heaven. 
  • Romania contact to be Ioana, the party to be blue and green Connex themed. Will also see Connex in heaven. 
  • Toronto area NEEDS TO BE an 80’s theme party – like a John Hughes movie.. 
  • Lake of the Woods party – to be held at Lake of the Woods Yacht club (I feel bad for not being an executive volunteer , but Kim was, so that counts right?), glitz and glamor theme, served with really messy food like ribs, nachos, and spaghetti. 
  • In lieu of any flowers because they die anyways and we want to stay away death theme at a funeral. I would like donations to go to the Foster Care Community (for any Canadian guests), in Romania to a teen at risk program selected by Ioana, in Prague a similar program selected by Igor and Zdenka . 
  • Sasha , Anton and Zach please make any videos needed… you will find great content on this blog, use anything here, and feel free to dig up any dirt on me from family and friends. 
  • Natasha to do the graphics for my parties 
  • Zach please speak on my behalf at each party.
  • Marla, Racheal and Kelly… can you please do one last Chit Chat episode – Kelly gets to prime this project.
  • Mom’s ideas are always welcomed (unless she comes against any of my ideas), she always has the most creative and practical ideas
  • Dad’s job is to keep everyone calm
  • Al… honey , get your cheque book ready, and feel free to take from my account which is now basically yours. 
  • For guest list no one is banned, homeless welcomed and encouraged to join
  • All food left over is to be given to those in need on the streets or a soup kitchen
  • Everyone who attends Toronto party will receive a $5 gift card for Tim Hortons to go and give someone in need – Sarah to prime.
  • Therapy dogs and handlers encouraged to come .. as nothing like a therapy dog to de stress people.
  • Ana, YOU GET TIME OFF! Please enjoy all of these parties in all the countries sitting on my benches.

Kim and Diane you can hire event planners for each country 

Wow… this is so fun to plan my own funeral, I don’t have to care about costs or work load!

This may feel like a sad post but it actually feels freeing. As it feels like I have some control in my life. I recommend everyone think about this as makes it clear for family on my wishes. As we never know what future holds as you or I could be hit by a bus tomorrow.

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