Everything you ever wanted to know about radiation – part 1

These days, an outing from the house usually means a trip to get radiation. Right now, this is the biggest thing that we are doing to fight this cancer but it is something that comes with its own list of side effects. Radiation is a low road of ups and downs as I feel the effects of the treatment and think of the long-term improvements that they could make to my body and life.

Here is a little glimpse into some of the before and after of radiation sessions at the beginning of December. 

Riding in the car with my lovely sister Diane.

Everyone should have their daily bone broth! 

A little break from the hospital gown. I know I just said that no lipstick means a bad day but it could also mean staying home with no one to see.

Heading to radiation is like heading to school with my mom packing my healthy lunch.

About The Author

A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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