CT Scans are a big part of life with cancer. I need to have one every three months to see how the cancer is progressing, if it is growing and if the meds that I am on are actually working.

I am happy to report that my latest scan showed no new growth! But, there have been many scans along the way with bad news to tell. I asked Natalya Gertsik, the Director of Research and Analytics at Private Health, to make a map of my road of CT scans since my diagnosis. Here’s what it looks like:

Here is an example of what one of my scan results looks like.

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A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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