How breast cancer can leave you PARALYSED!

Trapped between a rock and a really “flipping” hard place….

So, I didn’t ever think that cancer would help me. The jerk (cancer) caused a problem and I am now left needing it’s support… literally. Two weeks ago I had an MRI that revealed a large tumor in my T-11 vertebrae that is dangerously close to my spinal cord. Over the residency of the tumor in this particular spot in my spine it has chipped away at the bone, leaving me with extreme pain, and only 30% of bone mass in that area. Not only has it chipped away at the mass, but left behind tiny shards floating around waiting to puncture my spinal cord at any point.

I had an appointment with the oncologist the other day and they informed me that my case is a real “head scratcher” and they are not sure exactly how to proceed with my cancer treatments. I have been taken off the chemo medications because they need the tumor to stay it’s size, because it is the only thing supporting my spine from completely breaking. Here is the support I need from cancer… if this tumor is left to grow I am facing losing my ability to walk…ahhhh!

I have also been informed that if the tumor is left to grow it will choke my spinal cord and I will be left paralyzed. Surgery is being talked about to add support to my spine, but that also comes with it’s complications of paralysis and a lengthy recovery of 6 months plus with no chemotherapeutic medications until I am fully healed. This is all provided that the surgeons will even consider me for the surgery in the first place seeing I am stage four and have several tumors in the spine in other areas.

Right now I am left waiting for the oncologist and surgeons to map out a plan for my extremely difficult case, with no chemo medications

About The Author

A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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