SMILE! Surviving Cancer by Refusing to take it Seriously

When you have a lot of serious stuff going on in your life, sometimes you just need to take some time to escape and be as silly and ridiculous as possible. I just want to make myself and others laugh and smile for a while.

Luckily, I have some great people in my life who are willing to be silly with me and act like little kids again, playing dress up.

About The Author

A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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