Update from Al: Radiation, menopause and positive vibes!

Message is from Al,

Since our last update, Karla has been back for 5 radiation treatments to the base of her skull & hips area. These radiation procedures typically leave her tired and as days progress and the radiation continues to work, she has a combination of soreness, fatigue followed by some gradual pain relief. This focus on her upper spine did cause a very dry and sore throat which took more than a week to feel better, so late November and December was a tough period.

Additionally, early in December and again in January, Karla had injections of Zoladex and Zometa, the 2 drugs to strengthen bones and push her into menopause. That process knocks her down for a few days but is required to get her ready for the cancer fighting chem drugs Palbociclyb & Letrozole.

The good news is that Karla is getting stronger, requires less nurse time and is going out for brief walks outdoors. And as of January 5th, she has started taking these 2 drugs! Her oncologist will monitor the drugs impacts monthly with blood tests and quarterly with scans. So, we all must think positive thoughts!!!- These will work, right!!!

Karla has had a steady number of visitors, especially girlfriends who live in the area. Scott Gammage, Ken Hamin and the Kyle brothers, Larry, Brad & David from Kenora stopped by to visit with Karla at 3 different times. Also, Fred Hrenchuk came all the way from France and Mario Mele from Calgary to visit together with us. Regina Miller and Sylvie Scott, from New York and Montreal are coming January 18-19. And many others are making trips from far and wide to visit with her. These visits all cheer her up enormously as they talk about “other things”.

Karla’s sisters Kim & Diane and friends organized and hosted a special gals’ birthday for Karla. At least 40 gals made it a very memorable event for Karla. The food was tremendous (a special thanks Sue!) as were the conversations as people made new friends and exchanged old gossip as only 40 gals can do! Karla was thrilled to see so many of her friends stop by to visit. It was very heart warming to see so many genuine expressions of love for Karla!

Additionally, Karla has been accepted into a Juravinski Cancer Centre trial, “Cope trial”, wherein she will be taking doctor prescribed CBD and THC oils to help reduce her intake of the pain drug Hydro-Morphine. This will be monitored weekly to determine the benefits. She has of her own determination already reduced the HM intake to less than 1/3 of what she was receiving when in the hospital!

Most of you already know from Karla’s messages, blogs, Facebook etc. that she is actively using humour to address this terrible disease in the hopes that others will not shy away from fighting this cancer with all available resources. She also got a puppy, she named Hope who was coincidently born on the day Karla received her diagnosis. Hope is a miniature Dachshund, who is supposed to not grow to more than 8 pounds! She’s fabulous, spunky and a terror that all the other dogs shy away from already!

And so, our journey continues and we make every effort to read up about all the information many of you have provided us about treatments, diets and new leading-edge research. We appreciate this information and although it can be somewhat overwhelming and sometimes contradictory, we do want to receive any and all materials that you come across regarding cancer treatments. Advanced treatments continue to happen as regards cancers and we want to hear about the latest options.

Thanks for your continued support, prayers and positive messages & thoughts. Be well and Happy New Year!


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