A message of love and support from my old work colleagues.

I am so lucky to have been a part of the Oskar team when I was living in the Czech Republic. This was a once in a lifetime group of people and I am still close to and keep in touch with many of them today.

I knew that this was a great group but I never imagined the amazing support that I have gotten from Oskaraci. Petr Fridrich and Radka Cikanova gave me an amazing gift of putting together a video for me from Oskaraci, old and new. 

I am overwhelmed at their generosity and spirit and so thankful.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my time at Oskar, Petr graciously answered a few questions about our friendship and our time with the company. Please read his letter below.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU Petr, Radka and the whole Oskar team!!!!!

We did a little interview with Petr about this amazing video and his relationship with Karla that we wanted to share as well.

How did you and Karla meet and become friends?

At Oskar we met first at the OMT conference in the beginning of 2004. It was funny because I designed one of the activities without being Oskaraki. I still worked at another company but took a holiday to experience the first big project of my future department. Later we also met shortly during afterparty.

Later we spoke with Karla only a few times, primarily in some working context, but become friends years later after we both left the company. But Oskar connected us and changed our lives forever.

I became a kind of ambassador for Oskar culture after I left Oskar at end of 2005. After I returned from a few months in India, produced one movie, become a market research innovator and made few other projects, I started in 2010 on my new projects, Laughology and Fun Loves Biz, and used Oskar as good example of making awesome company culture. The original idea of such crazy projects started in 2004 at Oskar as a “side effect” and kind of “serious joke” in my first project at Oskar – My Oskar Diary. I also made an alumni group in Linkedin and watched the former Oskaraki’s amazing careers and lives. 

At the same time (I think it was 2010 or 2011) we exchanged a few messages and emails with Karla and reflected our “lives after Oskar” and become friends. We shared and reflected on our Oskar experiences from our perspectives and also what we would change if we had the opportunity to do it again. We also shared our personal life stories, hard times included. 

Because in 2015 Karla was invited as conference speaker in Prague we started to prepare Karla’s return after 10 years. We made a quick survey between Oskaraki and it was significant and unbelievable how deep the connection to Oskar still is. There was no other way than to make a Oskar Revival Party where more than 100 people met again. We were completely excited i felt the same vibrations as many years ago. During that time we had a lot of fun and it was really heart touching. 

Me and Karla also started to think of how to make a new “Oskar”, to experience it again but also enrich our other professional and personal experiences and maturity. I am still laughing when I remember my good friend – one of the Czech billionaires met with us to make some new project. He is only 15-20 years older than Karla and me but he is a bit of a conservative investment banker. After the meeting we (2 40+ guys) felt like couple of teens met old daddy. 

There were many microepisodes and details during that time. It was also great to meet Al and Zach. I remember e.g. that Zach maybe more than 1 hour made card tricks and illusion in one club for our whole group and it was great entertainment. I think one day he will be great illusionist. He is definitely talent. 

I think it was really important for all of us to meet somehow to close the circle and highlight how deep the connection between us is. It’s forever. I’m really proud that i was part of it and Karla is the maybe most important factor it happens this way. She (and whole Oskar) changed a lot of lives. 

What 5 words would you use to describe Karla?

That’s not easy. I must challenge the rules and go beyond it.

I would divide Karla’s characteristics in two parts:- during Oskar time: charismatic, challenging, leading, strategical, resilient, energic, brave, perseverant, honest…She was also maybe the most attractive CEO (means COO) in Czech Rep. ever. 

And than will add some after Oskar: loving, humble, responsible, caring, kind, grateful…

Why did you choose to rally all of this support through videos and photos for Karla?

We had small company – core questions (core questions means what, why and how…ask me not why…hahaha) with Radka Cikanova (Jansova). I think for Radka Karla was definitely an all time role model and maybe I intuitively chose her as business partner to have a bit of Karla still with me. 

I was more the thinker and she was more the doer. But in that situation  with the video she was both. It was Radka’s idea with the video. After 18 hours of work at my club she forced me and said we must do it and we must do it right now. This is good example of the essence of Karla that is in Radka still. I considered my tiredness is nothing against Karla’s situation and we made it. 

As I wrote before, Karla was very important to the essence at Oskar and she is still the passioned world changer at Stand Up Speak Up. She changed or helped to change a lot of people lives. 

I think all those photos, videos and messages speak for themselves. It’s love and love lasts forever. It´s many reasons to thank and support Karla and also Al and Zach.  


Do you have a message for Karla?

That’s maybe the most difficult part. after 24 hours i wasn’t still able to write something meaningful I will be satisfied with. 

I know Karla, you are super heroine with a lot of superpowers. It’s certainly in you! Me and all of us are your support team to boost your superpowers again and you will for sure. You are in my heart and I’m looking forward to see you with Al and Zach again. 


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