How to maintain perspective when diagnosed with cancer

My friend’s dad got 6 weeks after being diagnosed with stage 4. I have had over 6 months, to figure out my cancer.

There is always someone worse of than me. What helps me through is perspective. One thing I have learned this far is perspective in this journey. My spine injury and discomfort makes it hard for me to walk, but for a lot of people they are paralyzed. With new found perspective has started to influence me in everything, not just my cancer. Some people don’t have the availability of pain medication… I hate taking pain meds, but some people don’t get the option.

I spent time and energy exploring technology by creating my own app, learned a lot in the process. In the end I wasn’t successful. Finding perspective in that situation is I tried, and failed… but remained successful in other endeavours. No one ended up broke, we all survived. My dad’s perspective is I pioneered research in online apps.

I don’t get to eat whatever I want to eat anymore, but I do get to eat and enjoy the flavours of the foods that are made for me. Some cancer patients lose their ability to eat, taste, or keep food down.

You can always look at a glass half empty, or half full… I have always been a half full kinda gal! I’m very content with how my life has played out. As a society we feel that we don’t have enough, but have little appreciation for what we do have.

About The Author

A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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