Hierarchy of the Klubhouse – Meet the amazing crew helping me through this difficult time.

Ana – her lovely housekeeper

She runs a tight ship and gets things done! She knows where everything is, she cooks, cleans, looks after dogs, shops, does laundry and much more. Everyone needs an Ana – if only we could clone her!

Hope – the dog

She is the real boss… and would run the house if we could understand her.

Al – her husband

He is the health coordinator for Karla’s treatments, research, medication pick ups, Karla’s comfort levels, he communicates with doctors, specialist and me as a nurse. He keeps her crazy schedule organized and still manages to be one of the kindest, loving husbands I have worked with. He loves Karla so much and it shows with all his efforts and actions.

Nancy – her mom

She helps with nutrition and creating work for Ana… She is a strong personality with a kind heart. There is also no doubt that she loves her daughter and will do anything for her.

Tony – her dad

He is Hope’s personal doggy nanny that takes her out in the morning, and lends a chest for her to sleep on. He sleeps with Karla calming her fears, teaching her about history, and smiling through just about everything you hand him. He is the perfect ying to Nancy’s yang! I can see how they have managed to stay together and clearly love each other all these years!

Zach – her son

He is the only real adult in the house, wise beyond his years! He helps ground the family!

Nucky – the great dane

He is the world’s loudest alarm system, bed messer-upper, toxic smell distributer.

Coco – the other other dog

He is the sweetest dog ever! 

Me – the nurse

I get a weekly dose of entertainment watching my favourite characters interact in “Karla’s Klubhouse”… and do some “nursey stuff” too!

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