Circle of Strength Update: From Sadness Comes Strength

Lauren: ❤❤❤yes. Sending you all the strength Karla.

Cristina Duguay: Watching every moment u share with us with Gilles who is now silent witness of your galchat. We speak of u as if a blood relative. Our thoughts try to build and support your natural strength. We are believers! So are U and Al and Zach and your wonderful parents and family. Be our miracle girl! ❤🤗

Patty Nixon: I am so sorry to hear about your friend Karla. So so tough. I also totally agree with you that doctors do not know everything and I applaud you to look beyond! I doubt you know my story because we went to different schools prior to middle school, but I missed all of grade 3 because I had been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia at 8 years old (admitted to the cancer floor of the Hospital for Sick Kids) where the doctors gave me “zero” chance of living past three months (I was given 3 weeks – 3 months) unless I had a bone-marrow transplant for which there were no matches for me in 1978, hence never received (I did receive my Christmas presents early that year as it was felt I was not going to make it to Christmas). My parents were desperate. They went against doctors orders and made me eat food the doctors would not approve of (i.e. swallowing very small raw frozen cubes of liver, frozen in such a way that was safe against trichinosis, with bioflavonoids, to help strengthen my blood cells) as they had an “inner feeling” they were being lead” to do this. The thing that my parents (and myself) believe is that the Lord intervened in my situation. My parents had nothing else they could do except to desperately ask God/Jesus for healing for me – what else could they do with me being given zero chance of living from the doctors? my parents didn’t know a lot about God/Jesus at that time but they seriously sought Him and to make a long story short, my primary doctor, who was an athiest, was totally baffled at my full recovery 9 months later and at the time of my discharge ironically stated only “God” could have changed my outcome (and I understand I was discussed at rounds for “the unexplained”). Hence my situation at age 8 chanced the course of how my family viewed God and lead us on a very different path than what likely would have been the situation had this never have occurred to me as a kid. To summarize, doctors certainly are not God! I know there are many different feelings people have when it comes to talking about God/Jesus, but how can I not share what He did in my situation? He is truly is all we have and is our friend to help us when we call on Him – we need to draw close for His guidance and peace (not always easy – I am personally being reminded of the need of God this all over again as I have had a really rough past year. I feel the Lord allows hard things to remind us to seek Him to know Him. So there is my little testimony and hope it encourages to know there is more than medicine and doctors out there (another name for Jesus is the “Great Physician”). ❤

Pat: Such a wonderful story of your life, Patty! Jesus is really the Great Physician and I continue to pray to him for a miracle cure for Karla and believe it is possible.

Susan Heinrich: So sorry about your friend, Karla. That is very sad. I loved seeing you and love your sentiment that from sadness comes strength.

Linda Radcliffe: Karla, those of us on your GalPal chat who live with chronic illness cannot help but be so inspired by your dogged determination and sheer will. With my kidney dialysis, I know there’s a “shelf life” to my life but your words make me stronger and more resolute to “keep on keeping on”. I NEED you in my life & am so grateful that you are!! ❤💕❤

I ❤❤❤ your mantra, “Don’t settle!” ❤❤❤

Colleen Cormier: 10 X HARDER KARLA !!! 👍💯😍🙏🙌 XXXXXXXXXX! 💓 U!

Linda Radcliffe: “Where to, guys?” Brodie is our kids’ mini golden doodle! This is his first drive on the Lake of the Woods!!

Jo Kenny: I’m in rural NS at my mum’s right now and was only just able to download your latest videos. I watched the first and was smiling so hard / you look and sound amazing. So up. Then I watched the second. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and to see your tears. But, I’m really happy to see the fire it has ignited in you. I totally agree with you. Doctors are human. They’re not God. They’re not infallible. And they don’t always necessarily have your absolute best interest at heart. You and your family are your biggest advocates. Do not back down. Don’t stop fighting. Listen to your gut and do whatever it is that feels right to YOU. I can feel the fire in your belly from here. I can’t wait to see you in person soon. 👊 😘

Sylvie Joncas Scott: You are so right Karla! I totally agree. Nobody but you will take you in hand! I just read a story about a young man who was literally in bed for 11 years and doctors could not figure out his disease so he started working with doctors and researchers and he discovered that he suffered from a rare condition. He basically saved himself. Don’t give up! We want you with us!❤

Erin: Karla – Sitting here writing an essay on non-pharmacological therapies for pain management.

I had to choose one type to focus on and I chose “Cogitative – Behavioural Interventions” (which includes distraction techniques, relaxation techniques, mindsets etc).

I found it interesting to read that people who don’t have unrealistic expections and and self-doubt and who can stay positive often have a better success rate of treatments and less pain.

This is why you are beating the odds! I know it is hard to stay positive all the time, but you are pretty positive most of the time!

(For anyone who doesn’t know… I am finishing up my finals to complete my Palliative Care certification. Last therory classes are almost done!!)

Debbie: Karla my experience is if you heat the marijuana leaves and flowers you will get high. Mixing it with milk or anything citrus and heating will release the THC. Too avoid getting high use a vita mix or an omega slow juicer. That way you will not get high. You can use an apple and carrots for additional antioxidants also it helps it taste better. I strongly believe by juicing raw marijuana you
are headed in the right direction. Stay positive and imagine Pac-Man eating up all your cancer cells. Love you 😘

Lisa: Karla, my fingers are crossed that this will have a positive effect for you. I am curious does it have to be cows milk or can am organic no sugar added plant based milk work the same way?

Karla: I think any milk 🥛 but I should ask

Linda Riddoch: Patty I just read your post about asking God for help. Your words spoke to me …I truly believe there is a higher power, though I find it hard to explain why He would allow children to suffer ever (ie illness , abuse) so my faith falters sometimes. But you articulated so well the power of faith. None of us , including doctors know what Karla’s journey will be. Karla is already an example of the power of a positive outlook. Every tool we have in our box should be used. Your story is such an inspiring one and I am reminded to thank God everyday . I will forever be moved by your story. Thank you for sharing. ❤

Pat: God reveals himself to different people in different ways but I believe that if a person will earnestly seek God and cry out to Him, their cry will be heard (as was the case with Patty’s family). It may not be with immediate physical healing but He will hear and make Himself known in wonderful ways. You just have to pray and believe that God hears your prayer.

Andrea M: I totally agreed with your observation Erin! My mom has been diagnosed with MS about almost 35 years ago. Her disease progresses, no doubt, but in comparison with other people that we know, she is still doing really good. Really good in her case means that she has to deal with MANY health issues but she is still totally independent, she is still walking, driving, taking care of herself. Yes, she is on medication, that is probably keeping her disease in check, but I very much believe that a huge portion of her doing so good is her incredibly strong and positive mindset. She is very realistic about her situation, but at the same time she keeps trying new things and doesn’t give up. And I think this is what helps her keep going forward!

Keep fighting Karla! Try everything you learn about, everything that makes sense to you and you feel good about!❤❤

Linda Radcliffe: Congrats to your Mom Andrea! MS is NO fun…. but it’s “do-able”, like my dialysis. One learns to put his/her chronic condition on the back burner as much as possible and LIVE! One tries so hard not to be defined by illness, and that’s exactly why Karla is so successful…. she is not defined by her cancer!! 💕

Nancy: You go hard girl! No stopping you!! You have the Will and determination and an amazing family behind you to help
You give it all ya got!!
Love ya!💕

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