Circle of Strength Update: BLESSED! Even more messages of love and support from my family and friends.

Laurie Hughes: You’re awesome!
And you crack me up – you’re funny! Your efforts to help others are amazing!!! and I totally love the plot twist at the end 😀

Alena Proulx: Pekne😘Here’s a song for you… You Will Be Found by Ben Platt

Janice: I am laughing …I am crying ….and I am laughing again! You were suppose to be having a good night sleep last night😘 not thinking… I also think there are lots of things we can all take to our own grave which we may not have told anyone about but we are not to have any shame and don’t count as lies but PRIDE because of your incedible desire to help others and your care for and acceptance of others. There is no shame in any of that xox

Andrea Uzunov: No shame no shame whatsoever Karla. I have been hiding boxes, bags etc. of items for many years along with my mother and daughter. But the guys do understand. My ex said that we should be given the time and space to unpack and to enjoy the secret purchases. Your spend is however for a higher purpose so there is no shame in whatever you feel you want to hide. ❤❤❤

Hana Ferklova: Oh! I could speak long while about hiding away my purchases over the years! You are not alone, Karla. Not by a long shot. I am with you and Andrea and (I believe) countless other women that spend and hide. Because they like. Something. For themselves. Or others. But mainly, because they simply like something. It’s a matter of appreciation of what was created and is out there and wanting to have it. For you or another. Because it makes you feel good. Makes things better, the World better. For you or someone else. But why we feel that it is bad that we want to and make these purchases? Why do we have to hide them away? Why we feel that we’re not deserving of those purchases? I do not think there’s a simple explanation. It’s rarely that we would spend money we did not earn ourselves or we don’t have. Yet we still feel ashamed. And scared of having to explain ourselves to someone else. I certainly am. I think this would be an interesting topic for discussion. I’d like to know what other women think about why that is. 🧐🤓

Patty Nixon: Hi Karla…not sure if this is helpful or not (ie. if one needs prescriptions for each supplier and how frequently?) but here is list for medical marijuana producers/suppliers – the one highlighted in pink is because I was informed they are out of BC and as a result may be purer?). Also, you made me chuckle with hiding Amazon boxes, etc. with your later post…I think we can all identify with something along those lines 😀 – I do think if one has some secret(s)that is eating at them though, it’s always healthy to express/confess – none of us are perfect so hopefully whoever such is revealed to will understand (they probably have secrets weighing on them too – maybe they will want to express theirs too 😀)…I feel anything to decrease stress within is good. The only caveat is that you want to make sure you tell someone you know will be supportive of your confession (e.g. like us Gal Pals 😀)!

Oh…just to mention, the list above came from a reputable medical pain clinic in Toronto.

Linda Martin: Great post Karla. What you are saying is true for everyone who volunteers or gives. There is always a motive beyond altruism. I learned this working with big sisters where the President always told us-all these volunteers want to get something out of this- our job as leaders was to find out what it was and help them achieve It. Love your perspective and appreciate all you share with us. Linda

Carol Devine: Karla and gals I’ve been quietly popping in and out of this lovely virtual space the weeks and the insight humanity solidarity humour reflection pain regret forgiveness sisterhood family-friend-neighbor-everyone care and love is life-affirming. Zach and Ben are men! Kate lovely! Karla you are humble and also refreshingly also self aware and deprecating I gotta say it, you also are a friggen gorgeous tough as nails funny and deeply human goddess warrior. Ive been travelling for work a lot of late and trying to keep my shit together and was thinking about what you said about why you volunteer and help others-you say it’s selfish, which I also feel about my work and activities (people say “you help people in war zones and refugee camps etc that’s so good” but fact is i get to leave and live in a peaceful city and country- at least for someone like me -but studies also show that helping others is good for us, as is plain comment sense and good human beingness (ok I’m so tired I made up that word), especially in such polarized times. But it’s true we have to think about our motivation. Something I read about what a special Canadian human rights activist jack duckworth, I think as his name, said I was reminded of listening to your great honest last post. Something like ‘our life is not about what we have but what we give.’ And we can give in so many ways, not only, materially and you give lots in our many incalculable ways. True story. I wish I could be more brave but am trying it on…courage, not confidence, a wise woman urged a bunch of us trying to fight climate change and discrimination against women…it really seems to boil down to treating each other and what’s around us well. Here’s a little pic. This is a ramble but nite nite all

Carly: Thank you for sharing this Karla! It rings true with my volunteer work too. In the end it was a very healing experience that gave me so much more than what I imagined.

Nance: My Karla Power shirt was in action at the gym this morning ;0). Sending positive energy and strength to you everyday xoxo

Karla: Carol, You are such a gifted writer an Story teller … and brave going into war zones to help others please share a story of learn experience xo

Lisa: To make you feel better, Karla, I had an obsession with “nice” purses a few years ago and I would never ever ever tell my parents or even my sisters how much I paid…I even avoid the conversation with my husband, although I am pretty sure he knows. 🙈We have to remember that just because our parents wouldn’t agree with our decisions or they would shake their heads at our purchases, it doesn’t mean they are right and we are wrong. 😘

Linda Radcliffe: OK… I have tried to stay quiet but your “shame of lying part two” is too funny for me to hold back any longer!
My sweet darling nieces Tannis and Margo, both of whom I believe are on this gal pal chat, know how my husband, their uncle Mike, is the world’s worst garbage Nazi! Let me explain…
Here at the cottage we have in our kitchen a paper garbage bin, a recycling bin, a wood stove for burning items and a bin for all the non-burnable, non-recycling items. I think I have missed something! Mike INSISTS that everyone follow his garbage rules. He has been known to go through bathroom garbage to sort it out!! So embarrassing.

My own personal “Shame of Lying” is that when Mike is not at the cottage, I round up everything & take it all to the marina where we pay $3 to drop off each garbage bag!! I don’t separate (except recycling); I just pay for it all to be taken away. I NEVER ADMIT IT!!!

Imagine being 73, married 45 years this summer, & covering up this ridiculous obsession of his!!?

There….. I’m out of the garbage closet!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Laurie Hughes: I don’t know Karla, I sorta think it’s more entertaining to keep the little secrets and enjoy our purchases when we know our consumerism doesn’t exactly match their ideals.
And I don’t believe for a minute our parents don’t keep their own wackado secrets. They don’t want us to know about their idiosyncrasies- and I don’t think we want to know them either – haha…I say live and let live! 🤪

Margo Vergotis: Oh my gosh Linney- That is so funny. Having lived the garbage nazi approach to waste management , I feel that your secret garbage binges would be a welcome escape!

Karla: Linda, Nancy Stephens is the same and we all hide garbage from her even Al does …

Linda Radcliffe: 💕 Hahaha you MADE my day, Karla! I worked hard trying to delete my post but now I can let it stay!! 💕. We won’t put Nancy & Mike in the same kitchen!!

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