Circle of Strength Update: Happy Thoughts and Celebrations

Deborah Hamilton: My daughter Ellie at prom – and the reason I posted that old photo of Karla. She had fun getting ready and I could have used Karlas advice getting her through the process. A friend did her hair and makeup. She hasnt found her prince (or even a frog) so she went with a group of friends.

Back in high school Karla would have been wearing the gold shoes!.

Karla: Thank you everyone for your support and kind words and charm for your package. I have not been very social and trying to just survive the surgery and after math. I am at doctor today and good news I get to go back on to my chemo meds and today had my horomone injection. I can not express how much this group means to me and how I draw strength from it. i feel so grateful
To have you all in my life as I read your comments many times over and wonder how I got so lucky to meet you all. Xoxox

Pat: Happy Birthday Diane! Did I get your age right?

Diane Linden: Absolutely. I think 30 is the perfect age! Thank you. Best birthday news ever about Karla!

Cristina Duguay: Bravo girl! You are a born marathonian. I pray U win this race ❤ Moral must be up again with such good news, I guess 🤗

Margot Vergotis: Happy birthday, Di! 🎊🎉🎂

Karla – I am soooooo happy to hear that you are back on chemo!!!! 💋💃🏻🕺❤
That has got to provide you some relief, to know that there is something to fight the cancer again

Lauren: Hugs so happy to read this news! Hang in there and keep your head held high. We’re all here because you touched our lives, and now we’ve got you Karla! Xoxo happy birthday to Di 🤗

Andrea Uzunov: Karla, ❤❤❤❤❤, we are all with you on this most challenging journey. One step at a time and just keep doing the things that can alleviate your pain, depression and anxiety. Thinking of you and sending you love and the same inspiration you have bestowed on so many other people in your life. ☀

Karla: Meet Susan … she is in our gal chat and her son Kevin and I have been dealing with cancer the same time and susan is no short of an amazing person and even when Kevin was struggling with his cancer she still would check in with me and ask how I am doing and even visit with her husband Jeff. I too would ask her how they do it as if Zach had cancer I would fall apart. It is a love letter from her Husband Jeff so beautifully written to her. I think myself and Sylvie also in our group wish we could change name to our spouses who also have been amazing during our cancer. As Jeff articulates beautifully what I would say to al. I read this and could not stop crying as I am so happy their guy is now cancer free what a blessing. No child deserves cancer … no one under 50 deserves it … I say 50 because I have lived and experienced life and although I want to live to 100 I recognize my life has been amazing and any extra time I get I am grateful for.

Susan Heinrich: Wow! Karla, thank you for sharing Susan’s story and her husband’s remarkable tribute. And that Kevin is cancer free. ❤ ❤ ❤

Linda Radcliffe: ❤ WHOA…. I am hugely humbled to read Jeff’s love letter. Tingles and tears. ❤

Kim: Susan and Jeff you have been pillars through Kevin‘s treatment. I’m so happy to hear this news.
The strength that kevin and the two of you have is incredible and I think you for all the support you’ve given Karla.

Susan Munday: Kim as you know from going through this with Karla, you rise to the challenge and do what needs to be done without even questioning it. It’s what anyone would do if their loved one was facing a life threatening situation. Jeff and I are not so special, we are parents doing what we can to help our child.

Erin: Beautifully written! Amazing people you know Karla! You could write very similar words about Al!

Also, you are not 50 yet… so your statement is true… it is not fair for ANYONE (under) 50 to get cancer… even over 50 do not deserve it either.

Erin: Here is a laugh for all you ladies (sorry, it starts sad). My husband’s Aunt passed away on Sunday and the funeral is tomorrow. Now for the funny part… this is what my children look like… (my daughter Elianna drew moustaches on their faces with permanent markers, and this picture is after me trying to remove it)

Karla: Erin that is hilarious omg

Carrie Rankin: I too have a permanent marker story, Erin!

On a family trip to Mexico quite a few years ago I had big plans to have a family picture taken. Aprox 30 minutes before our appointment with the photographer my son decided to play volleyball in the pool where they marked his face with permanent marker to show which team he was on. Got most of it off thanks to the base coat of sunscreen. Had to wear sunglasses in all pics to cover the rest up. This was the end result…( as you all may know. The husky dude in the middle is no longer in the picture! Lol)

Linda Riddoch: Erin I love that you can laugh about that!! Really what else can you do!!! They look very cute regardless and it made us all smile. 😘

Kelly Jung: To you karla

Cheryl: Sending love to Karla and all the women in this group…sleep well💕

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