Circle of Strength Update: GRAPHIC: My painful back surgery!

Karla: Warning medical graphic content of incisions … so 8 rods suppporting 4 spots

Linda Radcliffe: Looks terrific, Karla! You might consider getting Diane or your Mum to pick up some Vitamin E liquid from Shoppers so that you have it available to rub on after the stitches/staples are out and all healed. Vitamin E is excellent for minimizing scars.

Linda Radcliffe: 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Oh Karla, bless your heart, you’re so damn honest and REAL. I HATE that your doc has ruled out the cottage. That completely SUCKS. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Nancy Macgregor: 🤗😘🤗💓💓LOVE ERIN!
You are her guardian angel 👼😘😘💓💓

💓SOOOO TRUE!! 👊👊👊Beautifully said 🤗🤗🤗
There is so much love around you. Please feel all our hugs and support from around the globe❤🧡💛💙💜💚

Lisa: Karla I just want to put my arms around you and hold you and absorb & relieve some of your pain and anguish. Thank you sharing your highs and lows, we are all here to support you in any way you need. I shared your tears today and sending you love and courage. Xo

Andrea M: Our poor little girl🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗It’s just sucks that you feeling that way!!! Sometimes when I feel shitty what helps me is to tell myself that it’s just another phase and have to wait it out. Cause sometimes that’s the only thing I can do in that moment . I wish you feel better soon!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Nancy Macgregor: You are so raw and open with us in how you express how you are feeling…and that IS such a BRAVE action! When I think of strong and brave – it doesn’t mean you aren’t scared – it doesn’t mean you can’t feel down or have low points! All these emotions NEED to happen. You are on such a roller coaster right now. It’s the fact that you are ready to face what comes next – you are enduring these challenging times – and this IS courageous and brave!
These are uncharted waters for you and of course it’s frightening!! How could it not be!?!? Not to be able to go to cottage SUCKS!! Yes! I get how upsetting that is for you! It’s ok to be angry and to feel sorry for yourself. You need to release these feelings and a good cry is therapeutic.
However, it’s how you are able to communicate so much of what you’re going through ….how you show your vulnerabilities and emotions to us …and how you won’t give up the fight and constantly search for the silver lining in your day (even when it can be hard to find some days). You have the courage for the next steps (that includes being scared) and you hold on to hope every day going through this. This is what makes you brave and fearless
Love you tons …hold on my little warrior

Zdenka Prerovska: Happy to see you Karla at home❤.
Let go, cry, let go, cry, sleep, be alone if you need to, dont feel you have to be for us. We are here for you❤❤❤❤.
Seems like you hit the bottom with your operation, so use it to rise up, be selfish, treat yourself nice, be true to you. It is ok to cry, it is fine to be down.
Let go, take a deep breath and imagine yourself to rise and heal and get back❤❤❤❤
You Can Do It❤❤❤
Prayers, Love, Gratitute❤

Carrie Rankin: Let me know when you’re up for a big hug. I promise I won’t squeeze too hard.
And you are welcome at my cottage anytime. We can even take my dad along seeing as he was your doctor a long long time ago. Just say the word 😘❤❤

Linda Radcliffe: ❤ Lovely invitation, Carrie. I’m guessing your cottage is up north of TO? For Karla to feel the wind in her hair, listen to some loons, watch a cottage sunset, anything resembling Lake of the Woods might be so gently cathartic. Even a day trip, or a weekend. I hope something might work! ❤

Hana Ferklova: Karla, the fact that you feel down and sad, the emotional roller coaster – something tells me that what you are going through may be stemming out of you being really really tired. The surgery was a huge undertaking, for your body and spirit – all the things you had to go through before and after it, getting ready, the anxiety and the effort it took if perhaps you were trying not to feel the anxiety before the surgery and after when you didn’t know if you are going to be yourself or end up with some permanent side effects from the surgery…just writing all this down screams so much energy was involved! I would imagine that you need to get your energy back, get your strength back, heal. I am terrible at waiting and so, impatience would drain ever more energy from me in a situation like this perhaps and the phrase I would hate to hear, I am sure, would be ‘it all requires time’. But maybe it is true, maybe it just does. And maybe in a week you will be much stronger and when your doctor sees that, you may get to go to the cottage after all and for longer and you will even sit in the sun, and who cares if all dressed up and with a hat on but you will be there. And maybe you will enjoy sitting in the sun all dressed up like that and you will get to love your hat and maybe you end up decorating it or designing hats for occasions just like this and more. I certainly hope so. Mainly I hope you will get your strength back soon and your smile will return to your face as your strength returns to your body and joy returns to your heart. ❤

Hilary Rankin: Oh Karla. You are right, you are not the bravest, strongest person and there are people dealing with their things that seem worse than yours. That doesn’t change that your fight is a tough one. Sometimes during your time dealing with all of this you need to let other people be strong for you. We are those people, your family are those people. You will ebb an flow just like we do. Now is our time to be strong for you. This feeling of dread will pass, it always does. You’ve got this. ❤

Cristina Duguay: Been busy with vain things, and thousands of miles away, and am watching you now. I would like to help more than just words words words. Still as I am so far away, know we feel deepest for you and beg you not to give in on yourself. You ve seen the bottom of the ocean, its time you swim up to the surface. Check this out: everyday since the 9th there was a little progress. Swim Karla swim you re getting to the surface again. Then you ll see what boat to take. Psyche is a f;)ing bitch. Dont let her get the best of you! Moral in this ‘thing’ is everything. Catharsis moment with cry and yell and throw is good for you. Dont give up baby ❤

L.A.: Karla, your pure, raw openness is so so so so brave. I know all these messages to you from all your friends are just words but they are words from people who care about you and you don’t need to apologize for what you are feeling. I think about you every day as I am sure all your friends and family do. Keep fighting for those laughable moments that bring a spark to your day 💕 much love from all of us here in Winnipeg 🙏

Kelly Jung: Ever since I have known you, you always been root for me when I was in my worst. I have never seen you like this🤔. It must be the drug or the depression taking over you. Yes, it is rollercoaster especially for you karla I was crying with you when I watch you. I still couldn’t believe this is all happening to you. Every morning I woke up I wish that it’s all nightmares…not sure what else to anything you wanted& love to do? Let’s focus on the sun. Remember? Feel helpless help someone!

Patty Nixon: Hi Karla…I wish I could give you a big hug as life can feel so unfair. I agree with all the ladies have been saying for sure so hope what I am saying won’t come across too “flip” or simplistic, but I have been trying to think what might help pull you out of the depression. I have always remembered that several years ago I had lot of physical pain that caused me to fall into a depression and one day I was sobbing so much but happened across a movie on TV with Will Ferrell called “Old School,” and even though I couldn’t remember laughing for the longest time, the movie had me belly laughing (not sure how good that is for stitches after back surgery though) …that I felt like I had just received the best medicine ever!! It was a spark that I so needed; it was so therapeutic for me!! Perhaps we have different tastes in what is funny, but I often can’t help but chuckle a little whenever I even a picture of Will Ferrell, so perhaps he might be some good medicine for you too to help break the cycle of depression?

Julie Pezzack: Kars-cancer and back surgery sucks!! You’re in for a rough ride. But you are a strong individual. And you have so many people that want you to get through this hell. You have to dig deep friend. Fight it. Don’t go to the dark place.

Deborah Hamilton: The cards you have been dealt are so unfair. Wish we could change em. Thinking of a little extra today bc my daughter who is a senior in high school is going to prom. Remember those Richview dances? Kar was queen of the makeover. I will share a photo of Ellie when she is ready. I am sure that Kar would have some tips on appropriate (or inappropriate but awesome) accessories. Xoxoxoxox.

Karla – back in the day – and a few others on this chat. I am sharing only to give Kar a laugh and bc I know this group is confidential. 💗

Kerilee Snatenchuk: Your strength, courage and vulnerability are amazing. Sharing your story sets a great example for me – I’ve been calling this ‘whole modeling’ as it includes all the success AND the difficulties. In a time when we get the Facebook version of people and their lives, it is so important to have access to stories like yours. Thank you. I hope it is ok that I use your story in my work around workplace psychological safety. It provided the space for people to share their own stories.

Nancy Milton: Hi Karla!
It’s Nance :0) Yes – owe you a dating update Nance ;0)
Just watched your video. You officially own a “Kelly Doyle in the sun” hat and I’m feeling for the marketing person of ‘the green beaver’ sun screen lol. And Karla – you look flipping amazing – you are make-up- less, crying into a camera and some how (only like you can and have ALWAYS) look, like our one of a kind Karla.
Odd that I was actually full on admiring your eyebrows xo

Today the boys and I were at the Jack Ride. It’s an event created by Eric Windeler, for youth mental health. His son committed suicide 10 years ago while at Queens. No one realized Jack was struggling. Eric’s plight is to change this: To support youth to talk, for us all to talk about mental health. Today $1,180,000 was raised. The boys and I, were $4200 of that.
I am sharing this Karla, because although I think of you every day, today I thought of you ‘extra’.
Jack’s dad, Eric, has made this life commitment to make change, bc he directly experienced such a tragic loss of his son. His humility, I don’t yet have words for…
When driving home from the event today, I thought of you. Of how much you have given to so many. Your strength, your take charge, your tenacity, your leadership, your commitment to making change in others lives, ‘your Karla.’ You, my friend, have been making a difference in this world of ours, like Eric Windeler. WOWie. POWie. KaZOWie.

Karla – you know this from your own client work- hitting the fuckin’ wall/valley; it’s part of the process. Some might experience the wall like a crash. Others (aka YOU) might use the wall for momentum to push back out of the valley, like a swimmer pushes off the wall in a pivot turn, with energy, fight, determination.
Every one of us in this text group is lined up on this wall, to give you that momentum in every way/shape/form possible. You have done it for so many others. You know it takes ‘ a village’. Well here we are :0). Your village. Xoxox
We are with you.
Right here.
Every step.

Tori Newall: I too was at the Jack Ride!! What an amazing organization and inspiring event. So much positivity and drive for change. Congrats Nance and your fam for riding in that horrible weather for a great cause. Thank you for sharing those wonderful words with us all.

Feel the love Karla and as Hilary so eloquently said, this is the time to let others be strong for you. Xxoo T.

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