Circle of Strength Update: Still recovering…

Charm: Wonderful news, I am working on Tuesday at the hospital, pls confirm which floor and room# she is in so i can visit her.

Diane Linden: Hopefully she will be home by Tuesday but if not I know she would love to see you. She’s on the six floor and apparently had quite the welcome when she got there As it was her home for nearly 2 months last fall. We cannot say enough about all of the incredible staff there including Charm! This time she is in the rehab area. She will be easy to find as everyone knows Karla!

Hilary Rankin: And she knows everyone on the units life story!

Diane Linden: Exactly ! Dad said it Took her a while to get caught up on everyone life when she got there! He said the welcome was really quite surreal. I can just imagine!

Diane Linden: Yes she was discharged today. So exciting! I’m sure she will sleep for a week now that she’s finally home and can get some undisturbed rest!

Karla: Al taking charge

Patty Nixon: So good to see you and I love your little smiles during the ambulance video…yes, you’re a beautiful fighter!!! 🌸🌸❤❤

Andrea Uzunov: So great to see you Karla on your way back home very soon. God bless you and I cannot wait to hear from you and hope that your pains from surgery are minimal from now on. You are definitely a “fighter” as the other amazing women have stated on this super chat

Erin: Undisputed sleep with all those dogs… you are a funny gal!

Karla: This is where I could post this and say something motivational like … feeling great but I that is a lie. Since May 10th has been roller coaster , lots of pain day 2 to 4 and then living in Hamilton hell hospital and then being overdosed with drugs due to mix up … and now I sit here looking atbeautiful view and fulluse of my body again and yet I am sad frustrated angry how much I feel sorry for myself and I want to roll into a ball and just roll away. As this is just the beginning … we are still in 1st year F’UCK

Cristina Duguay: ❤ I so feel you, please dont give up on you. Please believe, tomorrow is another day, a better day, as Scarlet used to say. Cry, smash, shout, all you want. But dont give up on you. ❤🥰😘🙏🏻 You are in my mind, in my heart, please dont give up on you! ❤

Susan Heinrich: You’ve been through a hellish few days Karla. You should be frustrated and angry, with the ways your needs were not met in the hospital. And being given the wrong drugs. It sounds like you’ve had a traumatic experience. FUCK!! Bring it, Seriously. You have every right to be fed up, pissed, irritated with all this cancer crap. Fuck Cancer! (And if it makes you feel better, I feel sorry for myself today and it’s only because my dream job is not landing in my lap🙈) You are as wonderful a person when you are pissed off and feeling sorry for yourself as when you are positive and cheerful. People with typical problems are not cheerful all the time. How could expect that of yourself, with all you are dealing with? And do remember when you feel like this that these are feelings and feelings come and go. They are not you. Do you use the headspace app at all? 🤗

Dominique France Kyle: Have a good cry Karla, curl up into a ball but don’t fucking roll away. You’re a beautiful real fighter, please keep fighting. ♥

Patty Nixon: Your feelings are soooo natural and understandable Karla. Yes, it’s good to let out all the crappy emotions and not to bottle. You have been through so much and you are strong (even if you don’t feel it) – by looking at that picture of you in the chair, it’s hard to imagine you just had major back surgery!! Although some days will feel totally crappy, try to remember there will be lots of good ones too. Hang in there Ms. Karla!! ❤

Colleen Cormier: Dear Karla, if anyone can power through all can! What a roller coaster indeed, and a very unfair one. It’s natural to feel sorry for yourself and you wouldnt be human if you didn’t! You dealt with alot of pain…inside and out. Take it all day by day. Each day as you feel more healed, your mind will get stronger again and hopefully with the love and strong support around you, you can gather the courage and strength back that you have inside you! Keep fighting Karla…we all love you!!! You can do this!💗😇💗😇💗😍

Laurie Hughes: This is such a raw and unfair deal Karla. Yet you have risen to it with an unbelievably courageous and positive spirit. That’s who you are! So let yourself be down when it all just feels “too much” . That’s when your group of girls can lift you up! You do not need to ever feel like it is your job to lift the rest of us up!!! Keep focused on healing yourself. Be still, be quiet, be grumpy, be enraged, be whatever you feel. None of us are going to leave you or love you any less!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
You are an inspiration and a motivation just for “being”. 😘

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