Circle of Strength Update: The long and painful road to recovery from back surgery.

Karla: Check out my fancy shower…

Just kidding… no shower head!

Paola: Wow! Thank you Karla for the update. I’m also surprised at the level of pain you had and still have to endure. You are right that we were not prepared for that 😮. You are amazingly strong and such an inspiration to all of us. You will get through this! 👏 The worst is over now let’s look forward to a slow and full of love and laughs rehab. Chair yoga 🧘‍♀ is waiting for us….with a cone of gelato! Lol. …. Love you 😍 and can’t wait to see you soon.

Karla: Been long 2.5 days I am so tired but they have to wake me every hour to check my breathing … yes every hour. The exhaustion is making me giddy, no it is not the medications… but they finally got a great medication that is helping, Toridol! Erin is trying her best to keep me from getting in trouble by asking too personal questions! We are making the best of this bad situation.xo

Janice: So happy to see and hear from you. Sending our love and prayers to you Kars. You inspire and amaze us everyday.

Heather Stefanson: Hang in there Karla! Let those meds kick in and get some rest! You are a steel super woman!! Love to hear you laugh! So blessed to have you in our lives my friend!!! Big 🤗!!! And ❤

L.A.: The light up green button is such a huge improvement for patients! We used to watch the clock in Carole’s room and then pounce on the self administered button to release the next much needed doses of pain meds. Eventually Carole got on that and when we were getting close to the 7 minute mark she wouldn’t take her eyes off the clock and all conversation came to an abrupt halt! OMG so much better. Docs and nurses work so hard to get the right pain med ratio because it can be different for each person and unfortunately it can be a lot of trial and error. Hopefully everything levels out for you. And keep up the Booster Juice because the next hurdle will be to have a good healthy poop 💩 much love Karla ❤💕

Chrissy: Keep the toridol coming!! So happy you have people there that can keep ahead of your pain, as the nurses in the hospital can sometimes get behind. This is not an easy journey, but a worthwhile one. Spine surgery is the most painful thing. I remember when my father had his spinal fusion, Colleen passed out just visiting him and it was a tremendous recovery. We love you Karla from the crazy Kennedy family to yours XOXO My mommy sends big hugs. There is also an amazing pain suppository that works really well when you are ready. Your Gal-pals unite in prayer, positive energy and warm thoughts. Rest… your body needs it. 🤗💕🤗

Kim: Hello all this is another sister update. I have been reading Karla your comments. She thanks everyone. Chrissy comment about Colleen made her laugh 😆. And she is now focused on the pain suppository.

She had a great nap. And now has Anna tea which she was looking forward to. Hopefully she will fall asleep again for another nap.
Thanks for all your warm wishes and positive thoughts

Carol Devine: Hello seriously awesome Karla!! I’m in Berlin on little sleep for days feeling wimpy and meanwhile you are a) superwomanofsteel truly tough as the strongest metal on earth b) thanking us?!?!! you give me energy reboots and gratitude I am indebted to you 8 trillion booster juices. c) playing with the green button youth-defying pain relief powers, why not! Thank you Karla for your everything -strength, honesty, bravery, spirit. Asking your doctor about your back- keeping it real! I send you all quantum good for your recovery. Erin you are always there positive and reassuring. Miles away I’m like how great Erin’s there. And Diane Kim Al Zachary Tony Nancy et al the team Karla -loads of love, care for caregivers. And this virtual gal power, thank you too. Karla -big hugs sleep well

Kim: Sister update. Kkaarrllaa iiss sseeeeiinngg ddoouubbllee

Will meet Opto neurologist hopefully on Monday. Shift change. Kim and mom heading home. Dad and drew here until al arrives for the sleepover. More like series of mini naps. But she is allowed here her sleeping pill 💊 tonight and really wants a shower but can’t stand up. Focus on getting home by next weekend.

Patty Nixon: Karla…you are sooooo soooooo endearing with your playful humour and sweet words to people despite all your pain – thank goodness for those pain meds! I am sure you doctor(s) and hospital staff just love you to pieces, as does your fan base here!! Praying your pain improves significantly each day!! ❤

Kelly Doyle: Happy Mother’s Day to the squad! Karla you are truly one of the most thoughtful Mom’s I know. 😘

Karla: Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Having a slow morning… I will update later!

Cheryl: Hi and happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms on this group but especially to our Karla!😘💕😘. I have an idea! I am joining a campaign called Your Mom Cares💕. I am donating in honour of Karla’s passion around kids mental health! Here are the details!! If you are in Insta you can see my post (@cheryllabbett) but I thought we could do it on our group as well!! Here goes!!

This is for you Karla!! Sending you a big hug and kiss!🌸😘🌸

Debbie: Karla you are the only woman who can have major surgery and still look beautiful. You are the most courageous woman I know. I am prayer your pain free soon. 💕

Diane Linden: Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I just got a great report from mom that after sleeping most of the day Karla just woke up feeling quite well and ate her first post surgery meal. That is certainly cause for celebration! I hope everyone enjoys their mother day dinner as much as she did.😊

Hilary Rankin: Super news!!! A lovely gift for your Mum❤. Keep pushing forward Karla. You have made a big step forward in the last week. Excited to see a video of you walking around soon. Luv you ❤❤❤

Kim: Sister update.
Karla new favourite food is rice crackers with peanut butter. Al has set up a comfy chair cot perfect for napping on.

Diane Linden: Once again the Stephens/Tolstoy clan want to thank you for all of your encouraging messages. Although progress has been a little slow the pain is much better and hopefully she’ll be ready to try walking soon. She is still having vision problems but I know once those are resolved she’ll be back online and giving her own updates!

Colleen Cormier: Thank you Diane for the great updates on Karla! Your whole family has really bonded together for her and your love and dedication to getting her better shines through! 💛💙💜💗

Patty Nixon: Thinking of you so much Karla!! Praying you are feeling better each day!!❤

Diane Linden: Hello everyone. I keep hoping that Karla will be able to do her own update so I have been holding off. It looks like that might not happen for a few more days though. The good news is she was up and out of bed and walking quite well today. Unfortunately she is still struggling with a fair number of hallucinations and a fair bit of confusion. The doctors have assured us this is known to happen sometimes and these side effects will subside soon. Although she’s obviously frustrated at times as she doesn’t understand where she is or why she’s there, quite often she also has moments of hilarity. As Als email stated, these are fun to be a part of! I really look forward to seeing an update from her sometime soon.

Nada: Hi Diane, thank you for these news. Happy to hear that Karla is getting better. Incredible to see her video when knowing the pain she had to go through. Hopefully the most difficult part is over and she will have a lot of rest to recover. Warm thoughts and hugs. Nada

Diane Linden: Just wanted to let everyone know Karla had a great day today. She was up walking a bunch . Unexpectedly she was transferred back to Her home hospital in Oakville but thrilled to be there as it is a beautiful bright hospital and close to home.She’s doing so well that they think she might be home in a few days. She’s feeling better on all fronts and can’t wait to get home ! Your messages of encouragement are so appreciated.

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