Circle of Strength Update: Update on CT Scan

Update on CT scan some good some not so good

Daisy: Great idea!!! Very chic and a good way to keep you safe plus if you needa good stress reliever just pop some bubbles💕💓💋

Cristina: Hi there K! I have been reading and watching your posts and I have hope and pray that every day is a better day for you. I am travelling currently and visited my mom in Germany, Bad Hersfeld where she lives jn a home for the elderly. She has slight dementia. Long story. She doesnt get any younger or better I could see. Its difficult when you put an ocean between only daughter and mom. I am showing u a pick of her with her nurse Elvira.

Hana Ferklova: Bubble wrap idea is too funny 😂 but most definitely great and also inspiring, in more ways than as models’ runway material. You are amazing, Karla. And Al is, too. Hat off. 😘

Charm: Bubble wrap idea 😂😂😂 too funny…you guys are the best…oh my word…you are an amazing person Karla inspite of what you are going through…you still find ways to make us laugh… I do not cease to mention you in my prayers😘❤

Karla: Awesome day with @cindy at detention centre and met 3 new teens and nucky was so excited to get all that attention. After pet therapy @paula inspired dad Ana and I out for beautiful walk with 3 of the dogs. Best day ever as felt more like myself and I hope tomorrow I am not too sore lol but it was worth it. Xoxox

Patty Nixon: Wonderful Karla!! Good stuff!! I have been tracking with all the posts despite being a little quiet and love knowing your progress (and snicker at your funny videos too) – you do inspire much!! You are doing so many things right to aid your healing!! ❤😀💕🐶

Meribelle Hicks: What? You didn’t wear the bubble wrap couture out? 😂😉 Happy you got to enjoy the beautiful day ❤

You’re not alone! Bubble wrap is HIGH FASHUN 💁🏻‍♀🙅🏻‍♀🙆🏻‍♀😂🤣

Cindy P: Thank you Karla. 😊 You were such a breath of fresh air for us today. The kids and staff were talking nonstop about you and Nucky. 🐕 they/we are so grateful 💕 that you are able to spend time with us. One young man who talks to no-one because he is so guarded and untrusting -talked his face off to Karla and literally never stopped talking after he got back to the ‘cottage’ Nuckys presence and your interest in their lives is a perfect mix to develop great therapeutic relationships with our youth. Thank you (and your dad for bringing you and buying cookies 🍪 and waiting for you.) See you next week!! ❤

Kim Winstone: Karla. You are truly special person. You do spread sunshine every day. ❤🙏❤🙏☀

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