Circle of Strength Update: Post-Trial Cannabis Woes

Karla: If you enjoy true crime and want to know how I spent my 2017 year this was it. I separated as it’s own podcast to help bring back attention to the person who did it. The podcast gained a lot of popularity in USA and got media attention and probably is one of my proudest accomplishments and opened my eyes to human trafficking . Foster care . Corrupt police.

Karla: Our Trial of marijuana as the clinical trial I was on ended after 6 weeks and their is no training on how we do it on our own so trial and error

Carol Devine: Karla I love the flowers you got from the Child Welfare group and the awareness raising and support for youth issues and trafficking nearby that has too little visibility. Also you are rocking the yoga pants and midnight pie

Susan Heinrich: Awesome Karla! Covenant House is doing great work to support homeless youth and address trafficking. They are having a sleep-out to raise awareness/money on April 4. FYI, for all who are interested. My brother is on the board. Susan

Karla: Cindy P. is involved in so much stuff with troubled teens and volunteers after hours with victim services and is a saint for all she does for Halton. She has seen more family tragedy in her lifetime and knows how messed up our system is. Their are so many myths with human trafficking such as men run the girls and many times it is girls running girls and sometimes a 16 year old girl will have 10 girls under her that are 12 years 14 years as the head gal was trafficked at age 10 by a family member family friend. Most pimps grew up with a mom as a sex worker or they were trafficked . Human trafficking takes place in so many hotel rooms during sports events or concerts. Cindy is the expert so she can pipe in.

Susan Heinrich: Wow, so complex. I know very little about it in North America. I am learning about it in India where it is a massive problem and related to poverty and a patriarchal system where girls are undervalued compared to boys. 🙁 I would really like to learn more. Thanks for bringing this into focus for all of us, Karla.

Cindy P.: Thanks for the kudos Karla. Yes the system is broken in many of the areas set up to protect our youth. I have worked in youth justice, mental heath and addiction since the late 80s and seen some significant improvement in the system over this time, however there are still serious gaps that put our youth in harms way especially those with adverse childhood experiences and trauma. Suicide is often the solution they turn to to stop the pain and suffering. Check in with your teenagers and post secondary age youth often. The pressure of social media and performance anxiety is taking its toll. Take a suicide prevention course – or google it – know the risks and trust your gut. I’ll post a Some Canadian stats. Suicide prevention is my passion and believe we can have a zero suicide community. I know I’m quiet on the chat. Feel free to personal message me if you have any questions or are worried about someone you care about. ❤

Libby Gunn: From yoga pants to ice cream and midnight pie, to suicide and child trafficking – it’s quite the range of topics on this amazing chat space. Here we can laugh with you, learn from you and be inspired. Although the issues are devastating, I appreciate hearing about what you’ve been involved with and hearing from your amazing friends.

Libby Gunn: One of my favourite pictures from my visit in January!

Kim Winstone: Karla. I hated the oil too. It just wasn’t for me. I so get how you feel

Andrea M.: My mom struggled too. She saw everything kind of twice. She stopped using it.

Kiki Halverson: Hi Karla. When I worked in oncology there was a Dr Paul Daeninck, Cancer Care MB. One of the leaders in cannabis research, uses etc. Wonderful man. Check him out on your computer girlie. Heartfelt hugs. 💜

Deb M: Hey Karla. My brother tried the oil as well but it didn’t work well for him. However, he uses a salve for back pain that also worked for another friend who used it for spot pain that the tumours caused on his back. For both of them it provided relief on the pain points. I am not sure if you have tried it but might be worth giving it a go.  🌻

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