Circle of Strength Update: Foster Care and Crazy Hair

Karla: I really want to sleep but my body is very awake. Thanks for kind messages everyone sends me but I feel like many of you if given my illness would be just as strong maybe stronger and cancer is one of the better illnesses to get as so much support I often wonder about those dealing with mental health or addiction and how are they supported. As those illnesses are far worse and also life threatening. My heart aches for them as they have an even bigger battle ahead. My battle is primarily physical and well understood and well financed. Lately I have been wondering where to put the profits raised from my store as before it would go to various acts of kindness as I had a goal to do 3k acts by 2020. However with changes in my health I am rethinking it and thought maybe hospice care or something cancer oriented however many of you know my passion for foster care and I am committee member advocating foster care reform and so lately I felt conflicted cancer vs foster. Then Friday night as a family we watched the movie instant family which is a great movie and it was a another sign to me that cancer is not a passion for me it is just my new reality. So I decided to take all store earnings minus product cost and donate to the committee I sit on as I feel very confident the money will would be well spent. As if foster care can be reformed it hits all other areas I care about. Some stats are 80% of human traffic victims come from foster care system. Less then 5% go on to college or uni. Many become addicts and have mental health issues. Anyways sorry for my ramblings but just writing this all helps me further clarify my WHY . Enough serious stuff . Have a great Monday!

Margo Vergotis: Bravo Karla- I agree with so many of your points. Spend your time on what excites you. Whenever you follow your passion, you spin wonders!!!

Susan Heinrich: I love your “ramblings” Karla. Such interesting insights re cancer support/funding versus mental health and addiction. I had no idea how troubled the foster care system is. Thank you for sharing your insights on that. I love how you share your realization that reform of foster care remains your passion, not cancer. Your dedication is inspiring.
Susan 😘

Deb M.: Good Morning or middle of the night for you. All your ramblings are very poignant. Your so right that mental illness can be very much a “shadow disease” that is at the root of so many issues. We, including me tend to often think (although I know better) that human trafficking is an issue other countries have, not Canada. The foster care system is also not well lit. With your passion and business savvy I am sure you bring a whole new lens to the issues and raise awareness with a new target group. When we know better we do better and you are helping us know better about a lotthings. Thanks

Erin: Talk about a great therapy dog!! Our girl is a little stiff today, so she is doing some water aerobics to loosen her joints!

Libby Gunn: Thanks, Karla. I enjoy hearing your thoughts—as others have said. It’s like having a little visit with you even if we can’t all do that and tho’ you don’t have the energy to visit with us all in person. I find the way you have worked out the role that cancer plays in your life and the role foster care reform plays in your life so interesting. Foster care and human trafficking desperately need attention and change. Amd focussing on your passions can only be good for you, too. And I so agree about your thoughts on various illnesses and the level of support they receive. When dad was in and out of hospital for many months, I often passed so many people living on the street on my way into the hospital every morning and wondered how it was that my dad got to be sick in a warm and clean bed with people to help look after him and all these other people were dying in the streets.

Martina: Karla – Just today I reached for the file call “Sentiments” and found this which might bring some smile to your lips 😉

Karla: My exact story of another women

At doctors today and Leo mol sculpture behind … thought Winnipeggers would be interested.

Diane Linden: A sunny day here today and Karla went for a long walk. Loving how her toque gave her “troll” head. Happy St Patrick’s day from the troll family.

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