Circle of Strength Update: Notes from my sister Diane: My first hospital visit.

Diane Linden: Hello all. Karla did ask me to talk a little bit about her hospital experience. It did take me a little while to be able to process everything that happened before I could put it into words. I am certainly not as succinct as Karla though and I apologize for rambling on. The good news is that she is on the other side of it and starting to enjoy the summer weather!

Susan Heinrich: Aww Di, so nice to see you. Thanks for the video. And glad you bought some new outfits on the shopping trip 🙂 😘

Alli Cambridge: Hey Karla, I was at Kathy Mcgregor’s funeral today, she was Matt & Chris Watson’s Mum. Lots of RCI attendees who are all very concerned for you and sending you good thoughts. I wanted you to know you are in all our prayers. Xoxo

Cristina Duguay: Diane, such beautiful heartfelt temoignage(Fr). Makes me angry though: dont we have a duty to get her (K’s) story out, dont people you describe as uncaring etc have to get out of their job? This story, horrrific, can happen to any of us who are in this Canadian Quebecois ‘fractured health system’, arent we?
I am sorry I get so vengeful, too much sun to my head today 😡.
This reality makes me so sad. My gyneco (a professor at the CHUM – Montreal Clinic) told me 7 years ago! I should stop coming to see him as I am too old for a smear/Pap test. ?!
My house dr had to change my age on the demand so she could pass this test last lear.
I went to Romania in May did all my health tests and the gyneco said Prevention is vey important in any illness and you dont go to see a dr Just because you have pain.
Tks again Diane ❤

Karla: Really that warms my heart. I am so lucky my life has been great as Highschool was so fun as was uni and working abroad and coming home … to think I am still friends with many of you for over 20 years some 30 years .. some even 49 years and many new ones . I am the luckiest person to have all of you xoxox

Andrea Uzunov: So sorry to hear about Karla’s hospital experience. Unfortunately the Canadian health care system has become strained over the years and you really have to take matters into your own hands. I have experience with this myself as a very close friend of mine who is a radiologist in the Canadian system returned to his birth country in Europe to undergo surgery and treatment of his prostate cancer. He was 70 years old at the time, it cost him some money of course but it was worth it and 8 years later he is still cancer free. So Diane is very right to advise putting money aside for health care treatment. You never know when you will need it. ❤

Deborah Hamilton: The best medicine = an amazing sister-spokesperson and an incredible family!! 👭 Living here in the US I have always thought the Canadian health system was better. Health care is a universal right. And health professionals need to listen to their patients. I wish you didnt have to learn all these lessons from experience. 💗

Karla: Enroute to hospital to check my white cell count among other things

Janice: Love the pants! You look amazing. Good luck with all the appointments today xox💕💕

L.A.: Thanks for sharing Diane. I am sorry your family had to face those difficulties. One bright point is that you have each other ❤🙏😊

Karla: New update

Suzanne: Great news Karla and Happy 18th Birthday to Zach. You and Al must be very proud of him. Enjoy this beautiful day

Linda Riddoch: Love the glitter outfit !! Did You buy that with Diane ?!! You look so amazing. You must just cheer everyone at the hospital. You are such an inspiration !! Happy Birthday to Zach. So exciting to be seeing Hugh Jackman. I recently listened to Howard Stern interviewing him. He is such an articulate man. Bright and so talented in music and acting. I had no idea ! I have new respect for him.
Hope to see you soon. Still under construction. I can visit after dinner some time if you are not too tired. Let me know. If Zach wants a batch of Skor bites for his bday I would be happy to make him some !😘

Karla: Enroute to doctor this morning for treatment but been long wait and getting tired as wait already close to 3 hours

The wait is over onto treatment

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