Circle of Strength Update: My back screws and more messages of love and support.

Karla: My back screws are 1.7 inches long crazy what medicine can do now

2 rods and 4 screws

Carrie Rankin: How are you feeling??

Karla: Stronger everyday and my depression has lifted as all those hospital drugs out of me … the last month was harder then I ever expected. I was totally naive! The pain I handled better then the depression as I say often I would take physical pain any day over mental pain. As to give up HOPE is death in the stage 4 cancer world. Without all of you and my family I think it would have taken me much longer to get out of my funk. I hope to post video today… but my back pain has flared up and so laying in bed as I wait for pain meds to take affect Xoxoxox

Lisa: So happy that you are feeling mentally and emotionally better Karla…hope the back pain lifts soon. I completely agree with you about being able to endure physical pain more then mental or emotional pain! Looking forward to your video 😘

Pat: So glad you’re feeling better, Karla! Nice hearing from you. So sorry about your back pain flaring up.
You’ve endured more pain than the rest of us can only imagine.
Praying 🙏 for you.

Renee Q: Wow! These photos are incredible!!! You are one tough cookie Karla – I am sending lots of love and positive energy your way 💜 🥰 xoxo

Patty Nixon: Yes…totally incredible pictures Karla!! You are the bionic woman!! I assume you will be setting off all the airport security alarms now when ready to travel 😀! So glad glad you spirits are feeling lifted and sorry to hear about the flare up with your back and hope that improves super fast!! ❤ xo

Sylvie Joncas Scott: After your operation I read up on post surgery depression and it’s a very real thing. So don’t be hard on yourself, you will feel better with time. You have been through so much. Give your body time to heal. I just wish I could take some of your pain. ❤

Suzanne: I think this message is true for all of us. I’m glad you are mentally feeling better and hope your back pain goes away soon.

Laurie Hughes: I’m praying for your pain to just miraculously disappear!! You don’t need it! If only it could be dispersed amongst us, we would take it on happily! If I were a poet this is where I would go into a Shakespeare like soliloquy challenging pain to a match, cause this group would take it on and defeat it!
But, as I am no poet, but a believer; I will pray. And my girls here, strangers but connected through you Karla will lift you up in our prayers and will not stop until your pain is a distant memory…

Karla: Happy Thursday

Karen Kennedy Jones: Taking the dogs and our cat for a walk on this beautiful day….!!! Happy Thursday!!

Carrie Rankin: Good morning ladies!!! TGIF…I say this cause it’s been a week of abosolute highs and lows. It started with a weird feeling Monday morning that something bad was going to happen. You see, I own a small business in Milton and came to work to hear the news that both my employees quit. No notice no sorry no nothing 🤬. So this means, at the moment I am a one man show. So I am reaching out to all you ladies to see if you know of anyone looking for a full time job. It would be as an automotive detailed and it would be full time. I feel that I’m a really fair boss and pay pretty well.
Now on to the good news…if you remember I did a post at the beginning of the year about my kids starting a new school for their last year of highschool…well they are both off to post secondary school next year. My son will be attending Fanshawe for the bachelors program in Commerce and my daughter is off to u of Guelph for human Kinetics. Just when I thought I could be any prouder I recieved this email last night. Oh my emotions are going 😜

Charm: Wonderful news for Michelle…we are celebrating with you guys🥳..dont worry the right employee will come along

Diane Linden: So awesome ! Both of them have done so well this year. You should be so proud!

Erin: Carrie… talk about extreme ups and downs! I will keep my ears open for anyone looking for work! Congrats on the great great news with your kiddos! Proud Mama!!

Laurie Hughes: Good morning Karla! Waking up today to sun peeking through the clouds making the leaves and needles on the trees glisten after the thunderstorm. There’s something about the beauty of it it that is calming. It’s almost like a reminder from God that He’s right here…💕

Thinking about you and wishing you a fantastic day!
(It’s recital day here so Makena’s packing her bag with red apple lipstick (you’d approve!) black sequin leggings (to die for!) and has lashes til Tuesday. 😘

Patty Nixon: I was just thinking of you when my phone binged, wondering about how you are. It’s ok to cry and you don’t need to apologize for that. You do look “damn good” without make-up (many would be jealous) and no one would no you are fighting cancer from looking at you on the outside!

Linda Riddoch: Say it all…. lay it on us, Karla. You have a 100+ shoulders on this GalPower chat channel to help buoy you up. We love you and need to hear whatever you need to share with us. ❤❤❤

Amie: You look BEAUTIFUL! It is hard to even imagine what you are going through, and despite all, you have been as graceful as possible, know that! And to boot, you look damn gorgeous through it all! 👏🏻❤

Charm: Hi Karla, happy to see you back…one thing i must say this cancer cant take away is your beauty. You are beautiful inside and outside….thinking of you always😇🧘🏽‍♀🤸🏿‍♀👃🏿👍🏿

Daisy: Dearest Karla
Never Give Up!
Never Stop Believing!
Always Have Hope!
Keep Fighting!
Each step is very hard!
Keep moving!
Stay Strong!
Enveloping you with love and strength and healing energy💕💕🌼💓

Hilary Rankin: I was just thinking how good you looked, when you noticed it yourself. Thanks for posting a video, I think we all missed you. Your eyes tell such a deep and sorrowful story and help me grasp how hard and painful this journey is for you.

Someone said you have 100 pairs of shoulders to stand/lie on and it’s true. I hope you can feel it when you scroll through these messages. We are here because we want to be.

You know when you are walking up a path at the lake and it is dark and a bit windy and your heart is racing cuz all you can think is the worst? Then you see the warm light of a cottage and you know you are safe? That’s us, the warm light. You are safe sharing your joys,pain and fear. We are here.

Deb M: I have been on the run the last few weeks and just had an opportunity to properly catch up. There are certainly no words to say that have not been more eloquently shared by your powerful group.
It is so hard to reconcile the Karla in the video who looks so amazing… (skin eyes shining like a poster woman for good health, clean living and beauty at any age) with the Karla who is battling this insidious disease. Your “realness” about the physical and mental challenges has me lost for words (not a small feat).  😃 I am humbled by your grace and authenticity. Thinking of you and as always sending good thoughts for healing.  💓

Colleen Cormier: Thinking of you babe…my heart and prayers are that day by day some of all this pressure and pain will go away. The drugs are tough to get out of the system. Not the same remotely but l delt a bit with that after having my 17 hr labour/emerg C sec w TC many moons back. They don’t prepare you for the buckets of sweat and shakes and sleeplessness. The anxiety, panic attacks uuughhh It’s scarry nevermind and YOU have been dealing with this for night after night after night. You do look beautiful 💛💛💛 and you have a wonderful way of taking us through your journey and making it so personal, real and resignating! We love you Karla…please hang in there, be brave, cry when you need to and know that we are all with you in this, cheering you on to recovery. Listening and wanting to help in any way possible! Xoxoxoxo

Kim: Karla. We are all here to support you.

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A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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