Circle of Strength Update: Updates, puppy therapy and a special message from my friends Corey Hart.

Cristina Duguay: My mom and I this morning in Germany before I fly home to my husband tomorrow. #splitintwo 😥

Pat: Is your mom doing better, Cristina?
By the way, you look much younger than I had envisioned you to be 😅

Cristina Duguay: Its a good pic 🙄
No, my mom is only physically present. I am sparing you my sorrow and the details.

Pat: I’m so sorry, Cristina 😥

C: Watching you and Zach talking, brought back awesome summer memories! I miss you guys so much. Can’t wait to join these chat sessions in person!

Erin: Happy Father’s Day to Al and Tony! I hope you all had a fab day celebrating the Dad’s in your life everyone!

I am continually blown away of the maturity Zach possesses!

Cheryl: You are beautiful but your soul – the being that is you is absolutely magnificent!! ✨💖. And please share more convos with Zach!! What a great young man!!

Lena Sprague: All bodies are beautiful 💜

Erin: Our girl hanging out in the sun, writing blog posts!

Suzanne: You look great Karla. So nice to see and feel the sunshine

Karla: No talking allowed

Andrea Uzunov: That is soooooo cute Karla! ❤

Lisa: OMG she is the sweetest …what would we do without our fur babies?! ❤ You are radiant and I would never put Karla and lazy in the same sentence. 🌷☀

Karla: My amazing sister and niece who made this happen and Ashleigh who is so connected. I wear my sunglasses at night … Corey Hart is also a famous song writer and written songs for tons of famous singers so he is multi talented.

Linda Radcliffe: Gorgeous Kate with Corey Hart; how very cool is that!! 💕

Andrea Uzunov: OMG, WOW!!! He has not aged at all. Still cute as always!!!

Lisa: Corey freaking Hart.. Total crush was back when and he is looking fine!! How cool Karla!!

Carrie Rankin: So cool. Who knew Cory was still so cute!!!

Kate Linden: He is such a sweetheart too! Had dinner with him and his family last night, they are all very kind and fun 🙂 he was very happy to mKe a video for Karla, though he wished she was there in person! It was a fun night

Part of sunglasses at night performed live 🙂

Erin: Proof that avoiding sun can reduce the signs of aging! Maybe we all should wear ‘sunglasses at night’

LA: I think it’s Kim’s bday?! What a way to celebrate with Corey Hart. Too much fun!

Diane Linden: It is her birthday and Dads too. Lots of Gemini’s in our family!

Erin: Happy birthday Kim, Tony… and Zach!!!

And happy graduation day Zach! How did it go today Karla?

Carol Devine: Hello lovelies, Karla your fortitude is beauty incarnate. It’s awesome to see you out and about, Zack and Ben handsome thriving young men, and other wonderwomen news of ups and downs of life- and to get news on John Ketchum who you will remember I suggested take over my job in Bucharest working for you Karla. True story: I faxed him a handwritten job description that said ‘Seeking elegantly crazy person for cool pr job with awesome company Connex’. Rest=history. We are all interconnected somehow (interconnexted?) xo💜

Karla: Good morning time for breakfast

Chrissy: I love your morning breakfast routine! There is nothing like the love of a dog!! Sounds like there is a lot to celebrate at your house with birthdays, graduations, and of course and your steps to recovery. Being a Gemini myself, I now know why I have such love for so many people in your house 😆 Enjoy the sunshine today and thank you once again for bringing this incredible group together XOXO

Deb M: Karla your yoga pants are multi functional… today in Helsinki.

Karla: You are so sweet you look amazing in them as you do in anything you wear

Good morning

Andrea Uzunov: You need these moments Karla, and you should have them. We are listening. Thank you for sharing! ❤❤❤❤❤

Susan Heinrich: Huge congratulations to Zack! That is incredible, thank you for bragging!!! I love to hear about him. He is an exceptional kid. I thought of you every day when I was in France… all your amazing European adventures. I have always been inspired by your adventurous spirit. And you continue to inspire me. So glad you feel you can share anything here. When Charlie was sick I couldn’t cry with Sean or my Mom/fam because it was also so hard on them and I didn’t want them to worry about me as well. I cried with my girlfriends. 😘

Linda Radcliffe: Karla, we are humbled to the core that you feel SAFE on GalPal to share your raw fears and to share what’s really worrying you. Don’t stop. But DO keep telling us your pride in Zach. He is simply an amazing young man who has had to navigate the world of cancer while at the same time being diligent with his schooling. Guts, guts. Congrats to Zach on a thrilling graduation!! WOW!! ❤💕❤

Cheryl: Karla this is your safe space to feel and say anything… a place to be vulnerable … your videos are treasures …an intimate conversation between friends that I feel so grateful and honoured to be included in….Feel all the love and support around you…and Zach!! Wow congratulations to your beautiful son!! He is like his mom… courageous, strong, thoughtful, creative and a unique force!💕✨💕

Lisa: Karla, thank you for trusting in us and for allowing us to hold this space for you to share your ups and downs and in betweens. Xo

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A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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