Circle of Strength Update: Working out which medicines work best for me.

Erin: How is everyone else (in Oakville area) spending their sunny warm day? Karla, did you get it for a walk today?

I hid like a hermit working on a research paper on Moral Distress in caregiving…

Karla: I slept for about 7 hours today my body would not wake up it was like I needed to sleep

Cindy P.: Karla. You have been busy this week. You needed a good rest day. 🛌 💤 I spent the day driving home from Florida 😎

Hilary Rankin: ❤I watched my youngest play in a basketball tournament. Heading to the semi finals in the Provincial tournament in the morning. It snowed today so I didn’t miss much! A sleep day sounds fab.

Erin: You did have a couple of outings that were exciting! Rest is reasonable! Hopefully you can sleep tonight!

Linda Radcliffe: A personal update: I am on Day 4 of post-“reverse shoulder replacement surgery”. This is my second shoulder surgery, the left one having been done last September. I had ripped all 4 rotator cuffs on both shoulders 2 summers ago having slipped on a ton of algae on our swim stairs at the cottage. My arms held the 2 railings tightly as I slipped forwards & my legs went out from under me. The surgeon performed a “reverse” replacement on both shoulders, with the location of the ball now being the socket, and the socket now becoming the ball. Wonder who invented that and why! Karla I’m hoping you’ll get to the Lake of the Woods this summer; we can maybe recuperate together!! ❤🤞❤

Charm: Praying for a speedy recovery Linda

Linda Radcliffe: Thanks Charm, & thanks everyone else for your thoughts too. I’m in NO way trying to deflect our ❤loving❤ thoughts from Karla but wanted to be authentic & honest about what’s going on with me!!

Karla: I love that about you linda as I get so sick hearing about myself lol I love it when you gals share as makes me feel stronger to know other people are dealing with stuff whether it be physical or emotional or both

Linda Radcliffe: ❤ Awww thanks so much, Karla! I’ve had 3 full surgeries in less than 7 months. I’m ready for my pontoon boat & my dock!! ❤

Karla: Me too!

Sally: I hope that your recovery goes as well as your first shoulder. I’m thinking of you.

Linda Radcliffe: Thanks Sally!

Laurie Hughes: Just listened to Episode 3, your interview with Erin. You amaze me! You manage to be sooo articulate- despite med ‘fog’. Wow!
You’re in my thoughts and prayers despite my negligence in checking into this wonderful sharing circle! 😘
I’m sending glitter and a rainbow and lots of 💕your way!

Karla: Thanks for listening so sweeet as sometimes I think I do podcast just for myself lol xo

Laurie Hughes: The way you are directing your attention to your blog and the causes that you’re passionate about is also actually a gift to those of us cheering you on from afar. A purpose driven life gives meaning to life!

You manage to inform, entertain and be highly relatable at the same time! (Let’s just day I may have had similar feelings of inadequacy – especially in trying to run a business! Ack!
Your podcast is simply a “must-listen” for anyone who knows and loves you! XO

Andrea M.: Just finished listening to your podcasts #2 and #3. There is lots of good stuff! Sometimes I’m laughing, cause you and Erin are really born comedians, but more often it makes me think. Eg when you talked about your conversation with Zach, I loved your question “how much do you want to know?” I usually tend to give answers right away. You reminded me how important it is to ask questions! Looking forward to next episodes! Hope you feel good today!

Erin: I think I might have found the solution to Karla falling, and keeping her safe… do you think this comes in pink? Or with glitter?

Karla: This is what the report looks like that shows what medicines work better for me

Paola: Wow. Can we use Google Translate to decipher it ? 😆Al’s ‘project’ just got more interesting! See you soon 💕

Cristina: Fabulous advancement of science! You and Al are showing the path ❤

Karla: For the medicines those are ones they test against so might be relevant for yourself or family members ..

Maribelle Hicks: I’m happy to hear you have some very solid options down the way. Have a great day! Looking fantastic as per usual ❤

Karla: Wearing kathy GOLA shoes

Checkin for MRI

Pat: You look so great Karla! Good luck with the MRI. Thinking of you.

Laurie Ann Egan: All the best this week with your many appts.
Great to hear of the many options available to you – good education for us. Xxoo

Andrea M.: I tried to decipher the report and wasn’t too smart about it. When you feel like it, would you provide some more details what it really says? It’s fascinating though!

Karla: I think you look for medication category you need or take medication for like chemo strains that best metabolize in your body or anti depressants or sleeping pills and the ones with and best drug is one is limited impact

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A few months ago, I was told that my boobs are trying to kill me and being misdiagnosed for two years allowed them to recruit throughout the rest of my body by way of my spine. Before this, I knew f*ck all about cancer. Now, between sipping chemo cocktails, I want to talk about the truth of living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with my support system and people I have met along the way to recovery.

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