GalPal Power Update: Mom’s Birthday!

Diane Linden: A special night last night with a birthday celebration for Mom ! A huge thank you to Paula and her husband Roman for hosting a wonderful surprise party! There are some wonderful woman in this group That amaze me every day with their thoughtfulness and generosity!. The Stephens family is so grateful to the universe for sending Karla‘s new neighbors, Paola and Roman, into our lives last fall. For them to host the entire Stephens clan and organize a surprise party on a weeknight is truly incredible. A great time was had by all And Mom truly was surprised. I had to post this video. The funniest part was Mom and Karla were literally dressed like twins.

Cheryl: How wonderful!! Happy birthday to your mom! What a fun night for the whole family!!🎂🎂🎂

Pat: Sounds awesome! Please give your mom a big birthday hug from me, Diane.

Carrie Rankin: Great video and photo glad it was a great night. Good work Paula!! You are the best neighbour ever

Margo Vergotis: Happy birthday Mrs Stephens!!!! 🎊🎉🎁✨. I wish you a year of health and happiness for your whole family. What a fab photo! (When did Ben grow that tall, Di?!?)

Diane Linden: He is so tall and still growing we think. A bit of a mystery!

Susan Bulman: Anna is celebrating her 27th in Calgary- Happy Birthday Nancy!! You and Anna share a B-day lol. Karla you look terrific -so nice to see everyone together in celebration. I have been following this link and just want to add – as many have said before- you are a strong, brave and inspiring young woman❤🎂🌈

Paola: Thanks Diane for your kind words. Roman and I had a great evening celebrating with the Stephens-Tolstoy new adopted family. 🤗 😆. I’m attaching this cute video. Love watching Ana who thinks she directing a marching band. Lol.

Karla: Erin’s weekend message left for me

Erin poop Kleenex box she made me

Erin: You missed the best part of the toilet Kleenex box… the face on the seat! The poop emojis creepily smell like chocolate…

Karla: Here is the face

Erin: Much better!

Libby Gunn: How lovely to have such fun, warm and giving neighbors. Loved both the videos, and pics: so nice to see (almost) everybody in them. Looks like such a fun evening. Love to all.

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