Circle of Strength Update: Visit to my surgeon and getting ready for the op.

Karla: I dressed in business attire for the no nonsense surgeon so no glitter but my necklace. Good news I am booked in for surgery May 9th at Hamilton general yahoo. I have been off my chemo meds for almost a month and will be another 4 to 6 weeks off chemo which sucks but better then paralysis. Have a great weekend.

Linda Riddoch: I’m so happy they are doing the surgery here. Much better for your recovery. That is just the best news.

Kelly Doyle: That’s great news that your surgery is booked! You go girl! 💜

Nan: That is great news Karla! You are moving forward. You look Mahvelous Darling!! Lol. Go get em!!

Deborah Hamilton: Loved your velour outfit and your business attire. It makes clear to me that my business attire needs a little Karla. White patent shoes are the way to go. And May 9th is going to be a lucky day!!! 👢 Rooting for you every step of the way.

Karla: Dr Edward Kachur and his reviews were that he has no bedside manner but I found him very nice and gave us as much time as we needed much better then our oncologist who always hurries us. I am so excited about the surgery and getting my mobility back. Maybe this summer or September I can make it out to the cottage. But as doctors say to me one step at a time.

Susan Heinrich: That is wonderful Karla. So glad you found a Dr. you are happy with! Also, I hate when people tell me one step at a time. 😆

Hana Ferklova: I think bedside manner (while it is always a plus) is not the skill that is key for Dr Edward Kachur to demonstrate anyway 😊 I am happy that you feel good about him and that you get to have the surgery performed by a great doctor, soon and close to home 👍😘

Linda Radcliffe: Completely agree with Hana; a great bedside manner is only an added plus to an excellent surgeon. Also agree with Susan H who says she hates the expression “one step at a time!”!! Things are looking GREAT for you, Karla!! We’ll all be shouldering you up on May 9th!! ❤🤞🤞🤞❤

Laurie Hughes: Karla, It is actually a privilege that we can offer support in any way to you through this circle! As helpless as we all feel often, to be able to offer some words and send love this way is a gift you have given us. ‘Lean on’ sista! I will hold you up in prayer on May 9 and every day my friend! We will be strong for you!!💕😘

Karla: Update

Nan: Please don’t ever feel sorry for what you are doing! People who criticize have not walked in your shoes. I have also had a couple of local friends pass away and it really does touch me as well. It is the realization that we are not infallible. It could be any one of us.

Your talking and blogging is your therapy. It works for you. May not for some but it keeps you strong and that is what you need now. You need to stay strong, positive and focus forward. Don’t think about timelines! Think about you and focus forward. You are doing all the right things and you have an incredible family and group of gal pals who are right there with you. Supporting you through the good and bad!

You are amazing at embracing the down times and then regrouping, picking yourself up and finding the positive. Keep up the good work! It is hard but I truly admire you for all of this. I am not sure I would have the same strength

Stay strong my girl!! Lean on us when it is hard.
Love you lots

Stephanie Murray Watson: There is no right or wrong way Karla.
You are awesome, smart, kind, generous, thoughtful, funny and genuine.
Your way is your truth and we love, need and appreciate you.
Good luck today! Can’t wait to see the outfit and lipstick once you’re in the car!

Deb M: I have been away but I have been keeping up with your messages. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Karla you have always been uniquely you and marched to your own drummer which I and everyone here admires.. Keep doing you and don’t let others tell you how you should do you! You mentioned outliers in this video. Just the other day my girlfriend was speaking at a conference and spoke about her sister. She had a very rare cancer…they gave her 16 months and she lived full on for another 16 years changing the world and lives as she lived. As my friend said in her talk “the medicines helped but even her specialists admitted her positivity made a difference”. Keep embracing all of you… the highs and the human lows. People tune in here because they want to. Keep slaying!!!

Andrea M.: Good morning Karla, this is what I want to say:
a) if these ladies criticize you for sharing your experience and knowledge, they need to process it or they don’t need to be part of that group. Although I totally get it that it’s hard for them!
b) if sharing is your therapy then keep doing it and don’t hold back. Even if you help one woman (you are one, I’m two and I’m sure there are many more) then you do your part. Sharing your experience, your thoughts, how you feel makes me appreciate every day we have and makes so many other things so irrelevant. Thank you for that!
3) since I have met you, you were always exceptional so even your current journey and the time is and will be exceptional!
4) May 9 is a perfect day for your surgery!
Keep working hard and enjoy the fun moments that come along💙

Hana Ferklova: Karla, you are you and I think what really matters is that you do not let anybody rock your boat and focus on what works for you. I think it is great that you found what works for you, btw (how many people actually do have that figured out honestly?!) and that it works, helps you stay positive, focused and – something I find incredibly amazing – that you are not thinking just of yourself but also about Zack and your family, your legacy. As far as I am concerned, you are fantastic and I for one am happy that you are posting and sharing what you are. In fact, I want to note that I read all that is posted here not just to be here for you (which I am or try to be) but also for myself. Probably for more than one reason but the one I wanted to share here is this: I find myself taking notes and saving information ‘just in case’. Maybe that is weird for many but I am doing this for me and I am perfectly fine with someone thinking it’s weird. I find myself comforted by the thought that if I were to get cancer, I would have these notes and they (You!) would help me get on what is important. The notes. And your videos. And all the texts here. So keep at it! For you, for me, for all of us. ❤

Linda Riddoch: I agree with you Hana reading and watching Karla’s journey has made me even stronger . I feel better equipped to deal with whatever comes my way. Karla has shown me that you can have grace determination and positivity even when faced with the awful C diagnosis. I do strongly believe that positivity has an impact on your health. Every time I see Karla’s beautiful face (no makeup !!) I just can’t believe she is sick. So who knows what her outcome will be. But it is looking really good!!!
The one thing that made me smile though as I listened to Karla talking about her stage 4 friends is that there are ‘mean girls ‘ even in that group! Lol! I think they are just jealous!

Erin: Two words I will never put together is “Karla” and “Bored”… I love your spunk! I live your openness! Some has rubbed off on me, and I love it!! Good luck today Karla!!

Suzanne: Everyone deals with life’s challenges differently. You have touched many people. You are strong and beautiful. Good luck today Karla

Cheryl: Amazingly beautifully spoken video Karla… your presence and grace make me want to be a better person….you do everything you do to help others…the information you share, the vulnerability you stand in helps everyone around you! Keep up everything you are doing!! 💗💗💗

Pat: You amaze me with your “realness” dear Karla. Even talking about death. But you know Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die”. We all are going to die sooner or later but you don’t need to be afraid if you believe in Jesus. My prayer for you is that you will believe.
I hope your day is going well!

Charm: Powerful words of encouragement Pat. I dido those sentiments.

Karla I love you and your love towards us is like the way Jesus loves us. I pray that all of us will adapt and learn more from you. You are a precious Jewel.

Patty Nixon: Hi Karla,

So glad you are looking forward to the surgery with your positive and thankful attitude!!

In regards to your openness with your journey, I am SURE there are a LOT more people thankful to you, and as you have stated, there is therapeutic benefit of being open; yes, people handle things differently, so those who criticize you should also give you the right to do what works for you. With your fun videos, we also know laughter is your best medicine!!

You do you (just like “Captain Obvious” says 😀) which we love! 💕

Carol Devine: Dear Karla, your words and openness to us, to others, on top of all you do for and with your family, is a gift, a gem. Somehow humbly I feel I’m a small pebble on the road with you on your journey. I’ve known you since we were young teens, then our 20s in Romania, then life went so fast forward with having our own families, ‘growing up’. Not like we were spending time together for years, but I feel connected by fate (Diane!) and mutuality. (Possibly not a word!!) Like others here, your actual sisters and soul sisters, I feel that your honestly openness vulnerability truth fantastic humour spark spunk generosity indignation exploration love fears and celebrations remind us all of what matters, as individuals, as members of a community, and how to grab life even with it’s brutally difficult parts. All I can say is thank you, Im with you and thank you again. For May 9th! (Made these little stories/graphics for you months ago)

Linda Radcliffe: Ooooooh I 💕that! It really speaks to me… thanks Carol!

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