Circle of Strength Update: Buffalo, fun, friends and laughter.

Buffalo update

Sylvie Joncas Scott: Karla so happy your visit was helpful and provided direction for your next steps. It must feel good to be in confidence again. And that doctor is totally right to be impressed! You are totally amazing!❤❤❤

Susan Heinrich: I am laughing about the valet parking… that also shocked me when we moved to the US. So glad it was worthwhile and you have more information and clear priorities. And yes, you are a superstar! Susan

Linda Radcliffe: Such great news, to have clarification and a specific plan to consider. Questions: 1) how will your Oakville docs take the fact you went south of the border? Will they be pissy about it or gracious and interested? 2) will Buffalo send their recommendation for immediate surgery to Oakville docs? Don’t answer if you’re too whipped. ❤

Lisa: That doctor should be impressed with you, Karla! Your strength and positivity are admirable but rare in this situation. Just reminds us all that there is no one like YOU! ❤

Erin: Hi Linda!
In my experience with patients getting care in the US they don’t seem to mind because they know it is faster sometimes and in the end is better for their patient!

Karla: well I just sent to my family doctor to see if the report on my visit can first get to my oncologist and the Referred surgeon and secondly to see if they will even read it. As I find it very frustrating to deal with my Oncologist. As she makes it very hard to get hold of there was no way to contact her except for through the general switchboard where in the states we got all the doctors we visited emails and cell number how crazy is that. So I have no idea how they will react if at all.

Margo Vergotis: I am sooooo happy to hear that the trip went well, offered a good forward plan, was educational, and reassuring. I hope it meshes well with the Canadian team

But I have to ask about the Canadian system …. After so many months and such a case of cancer – how the heck have you only spent an hour with an oncologist??

Susan Heinrich: Karla, it’s interesting you raise that point about contacting doctors. It does give such a confidence & comfort when you know you can get in touch with them. And the opposite when you can’t. I’ve had surgeons in the US who were not directly accessible like that. But often they will give emails/cell numbers. And when I had a very sick child in Canada, our surgeon at Sick Kids gave us his direct email and would answer my emails personally. He was incredible, and unusual. Since I had a very sick child, in the US then Canada, I’ve had interesting experiences with this.

Cristina: I am at a loss for words of how u manage all this. Must say though, you also have and can procure tremendous support. I have had a bad back since we shoveled snow at home for weeks, what a horrible winter! And thought ever since and been fearing the worst about my spine. As I left for Europe I could not even have tests or see a dr. I am doing better but am still not back in the shape I used to be. Why am I telling you all this? Because I said to myself: if you are really sick( I have my strong dose of paranoia and hypochondria when I get health alerts) read and learn from Karlas experience! She is showing you the way! And I could sleep better. Thank U ❤ you all are a fantastic team who went to war with cancer! We are flabbergasted watchers and prayers 🥰 You need to beat this! For U, for us!

Karla: So here is the bone which has been disintegrated and bone collapsed and you can see how close to spinal cord … looks like we probably will do buffalo just so we can get Surgery before goes further into spinal cord. The other lesions are further up and further down this is T11

Cindy P: Wow Karla that X-ray really puts things into perspective. Glad you are able to get the surgery done by great doctors in Buffalo. 🙏🏻 👍 ❤

Margo Vergotis: Holy crickey Karla. I can’t begin to comprehend how much pain you are in from that – and am astounded how little you show it. You are amazing and brave!!!

Karla: For cancer enthusiasts lol

Andrea Uzunov: Hi Karla, so glad to hear that your visits with the medics in Buffalo were optimistic and mainly informative giving you more insight into your next steps. Sadly the Canadian system can be somewhat overburdened with many cases and not enough medics to handle it at this time. The good news is that they can help you in Buffalo and they seem to have the experience and know how to make it happen for you. Members of my family have also been to Buffalo for more simple examinations such as MRI’s and this was because they were not willing to hold out for the waiting times in Toronto. Afterall, they spent time with you reviewing all of your options and appear to be very serious players in your specific field of medicine. I would not hesitate to continue with them. Continue to be “fearless” Karla! You have it in you. Sending you positivity and energy. 😀❤😀

Laurie Ann Egan: Phenomenal explanation, Al! Amazing what modern medicine can do these days! Keep up the positive thinking. You are truly a remarkable lady! XO

Andrea Uzunov: Hey Karla, Al is clearly on top of the situation along with you based on your recent prognosis in Buffalo. The medics seem like they know your situation and how to proceed. Go with your instincts and knowledge of your status to date…to move forward with your surgery. If they have completely listened and understood your medical case, they should find the best solution for you. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers always. ❤😀❤XO

Laurie Hughes: I hope you had a good day today Karla! Happy Easter! I am grateful to have heard your updates and to have seen encouragement in your eyes! I continue to pray for wise doctors and Al’s insights to ease your next steps! You are strong and courageous and have an incredible amount of resilience! Lots of us thankful this is who you be!! 😘

Deborah Hamilton: Thanks to Dr. Al. Now I know how Kar and Al made a fabulous professional team. And as a resident of the US whose had healthcare in both countries I can only say that if you can afford to pay and have insurance, the US is amazing but there is so much uncertainty and vulnerability fot too many people who go without treatment. Its inhumane. Kar, you deserve the best and wherever you find it, I am rooting for their wisdom in treating our glamor gal. 🤓

Diane Linden: Maybe a little more chocolate than the doctor ordered but a great Easter celebration last night. So great to have Kim and Joey in from Winnipeg. Karla continues to look radiant and it was such a fun evening.

Suzanne: You are one strong woman with a lovely supportive family. It takes a lot of courage and I think it’s great that you are dealing with this disease head on. Good for you and thanks to Al for the helpful video.

Erin: First off… Diane… never too much chocolate! 😬

Karla, who knew Al would be an honorary doctor! So well explained! Way to go Al!

Happy Easter to all of you lovely ladies! I spent my time by the water at my Dad’s house in Picton, ON…

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