Circle of Strength Update: Sad Day at the Tolstoy House

Update Tolstoy house

Sally: I’m so sorry to hear about Graf but not surprised as he was so sick last summer. He had a great life especially running around at the lake.

Linda Radcliffe: ❤ You ARE still here, Karla, & we all are grateful beneficiaries of your humour, your candid thoughts, your sensitivity & your raw honesty. You show each of us every day how to live life to the fullest.❤

Lisa: I am so so sorry about Graf, pets are definitely family and it’s so hard. You are such a deeply caring person. And your attitude towards being given the gift of fight and feeling so fortunate to be able to do so when others can’t, demonstrates how incredibly strong and determined you are. Fight Club Karla!!!

Nancy MacGregor: So sorry to hear about Graf😪Pets ARE such a special part of the family – they love us – soothe us and have the ability to pick up our spirits without saying a word! Graf certainly won the lottery with you !!! He had an amazing life just being a member of your family. 💓💓💓💓🤗🤗🤗

Pat: What a sad day for you and your family, Karla. I’m so sorry!
I remember Graf with a little coat on him to help him in the water. This was when I was at your Lake of the Woods cottage (I mean mansion :-)) 5+ years ago. I’ll look for the picture.
Take care and stay strong, Pat

Kelly Doyle: I am so sorry about Graf’s passing. He was such wonderful part of your family. I have amazing memories of him at the cottage, Florida and having fun with the kids in your Oakville pool. I’m thankful I was able to see him on Sunday. My thoughts are with all of you at this challenging time. Love you lots!!! 😘

Regina Miller: Hey KDST- can you post a few of your favorite pics of Graf?


This one of Toki and Graf is my fav
Hope is still looking for Graf around the house
Always beside me during day

Regina Miller: Karla the pics are awesome. I remember Toki and Graf together. What a dynamic duo they were. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these with us ♥♥♥

Cara Grimshaw: I found these old shots of Graf – so sorry to hear he’s gone Karla xxx

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