10 things I do to make Karla light up with joy!

  1. Just show up. Karla’s life was drab before she met me, like a consistent gloomy day with no sun, no birds chirping, bland food, no online shopping… (Thanks to all of the love and appreciation she gives me, sometimes that’s how I envision it! But, really I know she has always been pretty fabulous.)
  2. Make silly videos and pranks, dress up, and sneaky trickery of convincing family members to help us. Or sometimes I just convince them we are not crazy!
  3. Massage her body aches while chatting about life.
  4. Listen to her inner thoughts, ideas, life experiences and secrets. And sometimes that turns into having a cry together.
  5. Help with her podcast as an interviewer. Karla is a natural host and storyteller and I love being there to help her tell her story to more of the world and get out her thoughts and feelings in this way.
  6. Create new hair styles – braids, blow drying, I even dyed it pink once.
  7. Make-up application! 
  8. Paint her nails.
  9. Writing blog posts like this one.
  10. Poop talk…

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