About Karla

In Oct of 2018, my entire life was changed over night when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Before that day, I was living a bit of a double life. I worked to help the underrepresented be heard with my startup apparel company and podcast Stand Up Speak Up. I was an advocate, a stylish and fabulous mom and wife, a passionate dog owner and a voracious volunteer. But, I had also been living with pain that no doctor could diagnose (or even would confirm was real) for three years. A new phase of my life started after I was rushed to the emergency room when the pain left me unable to walk or get out of bed.

My daily life has now changed completely. I no longer do the dishes or vacuum the floors. I don’t have to feel guilty about not going to the gym or brushing my hair. I always have people around who love and want to spend time with me. My email inbox is stuffed full of well wishes and my room is full of gifts from people who care. I am living my absolute best life.

I grew up in Ontario and adventuring in Lake of the Woods. I lived in Asia and Europe for years throughout my career and have amassed a lifetime of incredible memories with people on all sides of the planet. I am amazed every day at the power of people taking the time to reach out. I created this website and my podcast as a way of keeping everyone in the loop and up to date and as a way to show off all of the amazing things this cancer has brought me (alongside the bad days – it is definitely not all lounging in bed and playing dress up).

I am lucky to go through this experience with an amazing family and support system with me every step of the way. My husband Al, son, parents, siblings, extended family, and friends have been by my side since Day 1. I am so thankful that this disease has brought us all even closer together.